This is the second of our new Business Meetings, as the week progresses we hope that members will engage with the meeting and help in the decision making required to progress the eClub’s development, whilst being informed of matters related to our plans.


1. Minutes of the meeting held on week commencing 26th July, do you agree these are a correct record? (see attached)

Minutes of B Meeting 26th July

2. Action from the minutes

  • new logo has been designed, discussed and launched.
  • charity bank account at HSBC has been set in motion as part of the Trust formation.
  • revised guidelines for new members using the website have been produced, please can members give their feedback (see attached).

3. The Rotary Foundation

It is proposed by the Coordinator for The Rotary Foundation Action Group that 10% of all fund raising is allocated to the eClub’s contribution to the Rotary Foundation – do you agree or disagree?

Plus the eClub considers a 100 Club, as proposed by Yzanne, could also provide funding to be allocated to the Rotary Foundation – do you agree or disagree (see attached format)?

Rotary 100 club

4. Action Groups

It is really important we get these operating so as to increase everyone’s involvement in the eClub, would it help if separate pages were placed on the website for each group and the group discussions carried out within the comments section?

Mirroring the Service Projects Action Group, it would also be a good idea if each Action Group had an Assistant Coordinator and a Secretary, volunteers are best for these roles.

You might have other ideas as to how we could get these groups functioning.

5. Activity and Fund Raising Ideas

At the informal meeting on the 18th August, lots of good ideas were being suggested and Lynne and Yvonne would like to get together for a one off meeting with Yzanne to discuss these, they include: Quiz nights, website quiz, possibly a Christmas Party, a Pig Race, etc.  Any ideas other members have please include them in your comments below.

We are ready to start collecting the Baby Clothes for Romania, now that Sue Webb has agreed to coordinate this project. If you can help please contact Sue at, please see poster attached. Please let the Secretary know if you’d like an A3 Poster.

Baby Clothes poster

6. This month we have welcomed to our eClub membership Sarah Bodell, Sue Webb, who have become Rotarians, and Rotarian Simon Carter who has transferred from Tewkesbury.  We also welcome Rotarian Ray Sanderson as a provisional member.

7. Updates from Action Groups

8. Any Other Business

Decisions required from members:

  • Agree minutes of the 26th July Business Meeting.
  • Give feedback on the Website Guidelines.
  • Agree 10% of fundraising to be top-sliced for The Rotary Foundation.
  • Agreement of the formation of a 100 Club.
  • Ideas for Action Groups operating.
  • Online fund raising ideas.


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0 thoughts on “August Business Meeting

  1. Rachel Davis says:

    THANK YOU for the website guidelines!!! Although I’ve started bumbling my way around the site (more frequently, Tim!!) I was at a bit of a loss to where I should be, and what I REALLY needed to look at – those instructions are fab!
    I’m happy for 10% of the fundraising to be held for Rotary Foundation.
    I also quite like the idea of a 100 club. Do we have enough members for this at the moment though? The other option is a “bonus ball” – where people buy a number between 1-49, and on a given day (say the last Saturday of the month) whoever has the number on the bonus ball for the National Lottery will win a share of the pot.

    I also wonder if we could have an online harvest festival or something similar? – where members could submit photos of a harvest basket, and then donate the equivalent money to the fundraising? *just a thought*

  2. Mary Nettle says:

    Lost all my comments boo hoo because I forgot to post comment before I moved on can there be a reminder do you want to switch off or something PLEASE. Looked at minutes not sure how these work for an eclub, is minutes the right word if there isnt a meeting as such. Is it action points collected over week of ? Comments made by x out of y members?
    WEb guide I do not get pictures across top or large buttons is this for the new website. Accessibility is important I need a larger font arial 12 is good. Enabling people who do not or are unable to participate face to face is important for an EClub so computer related easy things again will be possible with a better website. Fundraising egames like the virtual baloon race is good we should write to all the other eclubs and see what they do, have another eclub only district!!!

    • Mary Nettle says:

      Me again, wordpress told me I had already said this but not what as didn’t say. I will have to switch off before my head……

    • Janice Mason says:

      As a club that is setting itself up as a Trust we do need minutes to keep an audit trail of decisions made by the club, we need to stay within a governable structure. Most Rotary clubs do this through Council meeting minutes, but as we are moving to the newer regime where the whole club is the council and has a say in all matters, it is important that members see and agree the minutes. Yes, action points and agreement percentages are collected throughout the Business Meeting week (which is our ‘meeting’) and the minutes then round up all the collected data to form the governance trail for all to refer to if need be. This is new territory, but seems to be working ok.

  3. Lynne Wootton says:

    Having met some members at the informal meeting last week we discussed most of what Tim wants feedback on. Therefore I am just writing to give confirmation of agreement on the suggestions. I agree with Rachel’s suggestion Of a bonus ball scheme rather than the 100club. It might suit the eClub best while we are trying to build up membership.

  4. Sinead Darker says:

    Hi all I agree minutes of the 26th July Business Meeting.
    My feedback on the Website Guidelines is that it would be a good idea to have separate pages for projects
    I agree 10% of fundraising to be top-sliced for The Rotary Foundation, however in the case of individual donations I think we should allow members to opt out of that commitment if they wish their donation to be directed to something local.
    I don’t agree with the formation of a 100 Club, rather I agree with Lynne and Rachel that the idea of a bonus ball scheme.
    I also think we need to remind our members that while everyone may not want to advertise their absence on holidays, it means that sometimes people may not be able to access the website easily so lack of comments may just mean people are on holiday 🙂
    I am in Ireland at the moment and have to go to a hotel or coffee shop to access the internet which is a drag.

    I think we need coordinators for each action group. BTW I notice Lynne and Yzanne are offering a meeting to discuss ideas – it’s great meeting people face to face but we should hopefully still contribute to the discussion online – otherwise we are at risk of alienating members who understandably cannot travel long distances for a face to face meeting.

    • Tim Mason says:

      Sinead I hope you and David are enjoying your holiday, we understand it is the holiday season and people will login when they can, there is no pressure, I assure you.

      The meeting between Lynne, Yvonne and Yzanne, is because at our Informal Meeting on the 18th August lots of ideas were really buzzing, so Lynne and Yvonne would like a one off meeting with Yzanne to discuss some of these, no one else needs to be involved, unless they want to, we are an online Club and this is understood by our members.

      We have coordinators for each of the Action Groups as shown in the eClub Directory, I just wanted to encourage online discussion with each group and the item is related to how this might be best achieved. I also wanted to encourage continuity, so that people aren’t stuck with doing the coordinating year after year, hence the suggestion of an Assistant Coordinator and Secretary for each group.

      • Janice Mason says:

        The hardest part for any club, is that people don’t come rushing forward to fill these posts, however important they are for the smooth running of the club, for sharing responsibility between members thereby relieving pressure off of just the few who tend to be the doers and removing the danger of becoming reliant on the same few. It is essential that we get the Action Groups functioning with shared out tasks to enable this to happen and this means the Coordinators and going to need to ask members of their group to take on roles and the Action Group work together to ensure each of them understands their role/task and that they have the capacity to do it.

  5. Tim Mason says:

    Myself and Janice often discuss on our walks with the dogs, how can we do more things that are more do able as an eClub online. On our Rotary Think Tank page on Facebook, Paul Dutton a Rotarian who is also involved in Rotaract, was sharing that their Rotaract Club had a challenge to do 1000 hours of Service a year.

    This might be a good challenge for the eClub, that we set ourselves a target of 1000 hours, this can be made up of joint eClub Service by both a group or individuals, individual service by members in their own community, service we might perform in our jobs outside of normal expectations, etc. What do others think?

    • Janice Mason says:

      When we talked about this I thought it was an excellent idea and our monthly Open Meetings is the ideal place for you all to talk about all the things you are involved with and what you have done recently. And it isn’t all about the big things, the little things you do are just as important – I used to have a poster as a teenager that always kept my feet on the ground to actually do things rather than just dream: “The smallest good dead is better than the grandest good intention.”

  6. Janice Mason says:

    Just a quick note on the choice of logo. The round Number 5 got the most ‘I love it votes’, but also the most ‘I don’t like it’ votes, so therefore the most controversial. The square with more formal font Number 1 got no ‘I don’t like it’ votes nor ‘I love it’ votes, but was the most liked. Therefore, number 1 has been voted in as the main eClub logo and number 5 will also be used on occasions as appropriate. But then, they all conveyed the same basic identity, so if anyone is desperate to use any of the configurations for a specific reason there will be no objections.

  7. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    I feel very behind on all the goings on of late, so will try and catch up. For those who wish to meet up please let me know when and I am happy to try and sort something with you. Tuesday and Wednesday day times or some evenings (depending on husband travelling) are best for me. I think it should be noted by all, and this has been said before, face to face meetings are not meant for leaving people out and as part of Service Projects, we have always made sure we put our ideas etc on the website following them, but sometimes it is an easier way of getting things kick started and discussed. It also goes without saying that anyone is welcome to join us!
    On to other matters
    Agree minutes of the 26th July Business Meeting. – Yes
    Give feedback on the Website Guidelines. – It’s good to know I’m doing it right!
    Agree 10% of fundraising to be top-sliced for The Rotary Foundation. – Yes, personally I think this should be on all fundraising and donations
    Agreement of the formation of a 100 Club. – I am happy to go with the flow. I don’t mind running the 100 Club, but haven’t done anything formal on a Bonus Ball one so won’t run that. It should be said that a 100 Club doesn’t have to have 100 members, and that many people buy more than one number perhaps for themselves, children, partners etc. It also means we don’t have to stop when we “sell” 49 numbers and could operate over 100 numbers if we were lucky enough to get that far, without having to start over.
    Ideas for Action Groups operating -certanly the way Service Projects have been working so far has worked well, but we could do with more input from others.
    Online fund raising ideas – We’d like to get the balloon race running, and have proposed doing this at conference where there are many others who can dig deep for a couple of pounds. Rachel, I think from memory we had suggested this was something we could do for/with BHF, and wondered if you could look into running/organising it please?

    • Tim Mason says:

      Yzanne if we can find someone to organise the Virtual Balloon Race can we get on with it. In respect of the British Heart Foundation, I wanted us really to assist in Gloucestershire, Rachel Davis’s efforts with what she is doing already, she works tirelessly to help local groups raise funds for BHF, I’d like to see the eClub members join in where they can, like the Quiz in Cirencester, when myself, Janice, Dave and Rosie went along.

      The Balloon Race is something we can do as a fundraising activity actually on line. I’m also not keen we do this at the District Conference, Rotarians already give so much to Rotary charities, it would not be fair to ask them for more.

      • Jill says:

        Hi Tim

        When you write about assisting BHF in Gloucestershire, do you mean giving them some funds? It could be that they need a bit of not-very-expensive equipment, for which we could apply for a District Simplified Grant from Foundation. Getting a grant could illustrate the importance of supporting Rotary’s own charity initially, as a way of then helping others.

        • Rachel Davis says:

          Jill – there is no specific piece of equipment required in Gloucestershire or Oxfordshire at the moment, but there is a research project that we are fundraising for – it’s called the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal – which it would be great if Rotarians from the Eclub could help out with?

  8. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    Noted Tim

    Needed – a volunteer to organise and run the virtual balloon race please!

    Also – please can we have feedback on the idea for the Technology Tournament (see Service Projects aims for the year). The Service Projects team can’t do this one alone. We need to know who can help us on the day (and before), what skills people can bring to us for the event. Tim suggested we speak with Dyson (maybe they could set a task for the team to complete), does anyone have any contacts there we could use? We also need sponsors for the prizes (Science museum, computer museum, other ideas welcome – again anyone any contacts), we need lots of people on the day (esp some with CRB checks I would think it being a child event). Please get in touch ASAP as we need to start orgnaising this one ASAP or drop it if there is not enough support.

  9. Debbie Vincent says:

    Hi everyone only a short feedback as getting ready to go away again early tomorrow. I agree the minutes of 26th July meeting. Website Guidelines are great and will make it easier for people to find their way around. I agree 10% of Fundraising to be top sliced for the Rotary Foundation. I would prefer the formation of a 100 club over the Bonus Ball as I think even with just 30 members we will probably sell double that amount but I will go along with the majority!

  10. Jill says:

    Hi all, Agree Minutes of last business meeting, also top-slicing all fund-raising events by 10% for Foundation. I would prefer a ‘100 Club’, and am happy to buy several numbers to help get it going. The website map is very helpful.

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