Sandra’s Baby Clothes 

Young children outgrow their clothes very quickly and, here in the UK, thanks to the generosity of  friends and family mothers often have far more clothes for their baby than they can wear out. Disposal apart from simple recycling is not easy as other mothers usually want only new clothes for their baby. Many charity shops are reluctant to accept baby clothes for sale as their experience is that it does not sell.

We collect good quality, clean items and arrange delivery to orphanages and maternity units in Romania where there is a great need.

How it works 

1. Rotarians collect good quality baby clothes (suitable for up to two years of age please) from friends, family, other contacts. Preferably not from charity shops as they will have been donated to that charity for their own purposes.

2. Advise Sandra Davey ( of Monmouth Rotary Club that you have clothes for collection. She will arrange to collect it at an agreed time. Please remember that Sandra will want to arrange collections in order to make best use of travel and you will be asked to store clothes pending collection.

3. Sandra will pass the items to PDG D1280 Elizabeth Tatman who will arrange transport to Romania. Elizabeth travels to Romania often to support maternity units and orphanages so has the experience and contacts to ensure good use of your items.

Thanks for your support.  If you can help please let Secretary Janice know.

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0 thoughts on “Baby Clothes Project

  1. Shelley says:

    Wow! That was quick Janice. Don’t suppose sandra or Elizabeth have any further information about the orphanages or areas or any woy of publicising the collection? Would be noce to display something at a collection point.

    • Tim Mason says:

      Please contact Sandra direct, email on post, and ask these questions. What we really need is someone who will coordinate this project, Dave has already offered to help with collecting items from around the area. Once we have a coordinator, perhaps they could write some words for a poster and Janice will produce. Like Katharine on the PR side says getting posters out there showing the eClub is doing things will be advertising the eClub as well. I’ll put a little bit on the eClub Support page on Facebook, to see if anyone comes forward voluntary as the coordinator.

  2. admin says:

    We are looking for a member of the eClub to act as the coordinator for this project, it will only be to encourage people to collect and arrange for the baby clothes to get back to Sandra.
    Job Description
    1. ensure from eClub website everyone who is collecting in their area has posters and information;
    2. arrange collections by another volunteer to get clothes to Monmouth;
    3. encourage exchange of ideas that work; with help of PR Action Group publiise the project.

    All done where your computer is situated, time about 15 mins each month.
    Please let either Janice or Tim know if you are willing.

  3. Heather says:

    What a fantastic project. I tend to give my son’s clothes to other people (many of them arrived with me by that route too!) and he’s long outgrown his age two clothes now, but I’ll give this project publicity wherever I can.

  4. Janice Mason says:

    A poster has been sent to us for this project, but it’s not very exciting. Once we have a coordinator in place for the eClub to liaise with the District organiser we’ll think of something better that all those who are interested can use locally.

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