Hi Everyone,

I was thinking to raise some money we could do a charity calendar for 2013.  Would anyone be interested in participating? My sister is about to qualify as a make up artist and she would be very happy to do the make up. I no its very early to be thinking of 2013 but it gives us plenty of time to get everything together.

Tim has already volenteered to be Count Dracula for Halloween.

Please let me no if you are interested.

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  1. Janice Mason says:

    Emma showed us some examples of her sisters work at the weekend – it is brilliant! Em, could you send us one or two of the photos to post into your blog above so that you can show what you mean by ‘make up’.

  2. Janice Mason says:

    If this idea is to happen we need to move quickly, the calendar needs to be published ready to sell by September at the latest (I know this from bitter experience). I would like to see it used as an opportunity to encourage young entrepreneurs setting up their own companies, as Em’s sister is just qualifying and wanting to set herself up as a stage/film makeup artist and this project would add to her portfolio and it would be good to follow this theme through. Does anyone know of young photographers just qualified/qualifying and the dame for graphic designers? Most importantly, we need volunteers to be models so we can start getting the process moving.

  3. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    I’ve only just seen your reply to my idea re Young Photographer and the calendar – I don’t know how I saw it – it’s not on this page! Anyway rather than produce a paper calendar could we do an online photograph a day for the Young Photographer – pay to subscribe to it maybe through our site but with the photo being on a members only Facebook page? It would help keep costs down and allow for more to be involved – plus it gives us longer to get it up and running for the next year.
    We could still use Emmas sister for facepainting for various highlight days maybe – St George, St Patricks, Valentines, Halloween, Easter etc.
    Getting Youth Enterprise etc involved is not my strong point or where I have any connections, so its not something I’d easily get up and running, but there must be others who have connections?

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