Programme week commencing 24th May, 2012

At the Charter Presentation last Saturday President Tim asked those present to close their eyes and think who they could introduce into Rotary and the District 1100 eClub. So in this week’s programme we need to consider how we can mention Rotary to them and perhaps invite them to join.

In Katharine’s post ‘The future is mobile’ we are challenged to describe our mission in 140 characters, so how would you describe why you’ve joined Rotary and what it offers you in 140 characters?

District Governor Martin talked about the Rotary moments and what he had received from Rotary over the years, for those who didn’t attend and those who did attend the Charter Presentation, revisit DG Martin’s speech (on a video posted on last weeks programme) and perhaps consider (or list) all the things he said as to why he is a Rotarian and what opportunities he has received.

Possible Techniques

  • Sowing the seeds is the first step, drop Rotary into the conversation
  • identify in your thinking someone you think may like to join Rotary and would enjoy it
  • don’t be afraid to ask out right, they may say no first time, but the seed is sown
  • you will be surprised how many people are honoured to be asked
  • you will also be surprised how many haven’t even heard of Rotary, so then you have your opening
  • the list is endless, just leaving one or two leaflets around at the Doctors, Dentist or other waiting rooms could help

To think, if every member of our eClub invites someone new to join we could double our membership,  is it the time to think, time to sow the seeds and time to have that conversation, we leave that to you. Please use this week’s programme to plan some action on recruiting a new member.


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