Various members have attended the July round District 1100 Zone Meetings we welcome in the comments updates from what they heard.

The Zone 5 Greater Swindon Area met on Thursday 19th July at the Sun Inn, Coate Water. Debbie, Dave, Rosie and Janice attended, hopefully they will write there reflections below. To view the notes of the meeting:

Notes of Zone 5 Meeting 1907012

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0 thoughts on “District 1100 Zone Meetings Update

  1. Heather says:

    I found the Zone 9 meeting a great crash course in what Rotary is all about, and it’s made it easier for me to understand how an eclub can work as an administrative unit, dealing with club business, organising projects etc. I was introduced to a few people and made very welcome, and was pleased to see quite a few other women there including the District Governer-elect, Jan, who knows Tim. I met the current District Governer David Houghton, too.

    We heard a fascinating and very well-delivered talk from Luke Conod on the Interact group set up with Hereford Academy. We heard about the New Generations programme and were addressed by the Foundation officer, a member of Ledbury Rotary I think. I knew nothing about Foundation so had to google it on my phone under the table!

    Just one wee thing. I didn’t realise that on top of subs you have to pay to attend meetings so be prepared. I had not a bean of cash on me so a very kind member of Leominster club baled me out, but it was quite embarrassing, so be prepared. As a newbie, you never know where the pitfalls are going to lie.

    We’re off to a Hereford Wye Valley meeting on Monday. I can see what good value Zone meetings are for giving you a real flavour of Rotary and contacts across the zone, but Monday’s meeting will help us understand how club business flows.

    • Debbie Vincent says:

      Hello Heather, it was good to read your feedback on your meeting. It is my experience through going to meetings that you only pay if you have a meal. The majority of Zone meetings that I have attended i have not had a meal and there was nothing to pay other than buying yourself a drink, I also know you do not have to join in the meal if yoou do not want to eat, I know when I went to zone 5 on the 19th July one of my colleagues didnot eat. I hope you find this useful

  2. Rachel Davis says:

    This is my intention too, Heather – to get to some physical meetings to get a better understanding of Rotary to enhance my membership of the eclub. I’m pleased to hear that you were made to feel welcome – I’ll report back on my findings when I’ve been to a meeting!

  3. Mary says:

    I went to Zone 8 at Pitchcroft, Worcester Racecourse. Very handy for me. Monday 23 July in the Grandstand. I did not go to the meal which saved me £14.00, luckily I had email contact with the chair of the meeting Oliver so knew to arrive later, they got through a 3 course meal in under an hour, think I would have had indigestion keeping up. I recognised Polly from Worcester Virgonia and caught up with her. Everyone had name badges something eclub does not have …yet? Not a lot of business and then talks about Foundation, about Our Green Futures – a local iniative with schools as was the long debate about competitions at least 9 and all for schools, trouble with dates and school years and the man dealing with it all had quite a rough ride I thought. As I went to the district assembly at Brockworth there was a lot of repetition which was a surprise. Finally the district conference is in Torquay not in the district what about supporting local business and enabling people on lower incomes to attend?

    • Katharine says:

      Laughing at your comments about the 3 course lunch.
      I like the idea of holding a Poverty Lunch where everyone gets a small bowl of rice and donates what they would normally pay for a lunch to charity.

      • Tim Mason says:

        Mary we did a Rich person, Poor person lunch at the Rotary Club of Swindon, they weren’t impressed, but I’m sure it showed a little to them what poor countries have to face. As an aside the meal was the best we’d had for a long time! Yes let’s hold a poverty lunch they are really good.

  4. Mary says:

    Meant to say that Oliver kindly gave me a copy of the district handbook 2012 – 2013
    The eclub is there on the last page with a different font and typeface from all the other clubs. The worse thing is that there is no website, facebook or twitter links. Katherine Hope is listed as PR/Comms maybe she could take this on board.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mary for both your feedback, in regards to the District Handbook 2012 -2013, we’ve just looked this morning, terrible how and where the eClub has been put and how it doesn’t fit in with everything else. We hadn’t noticed, however just to say most Clubs in the District are unhappy with the production and it is the last year it will be produced. In future the District Handbook will be online. I like your idea of indicating other Social Network links.

  5. Debbie Vincent says:

    What an evening District 1100 Zone 5 meeting was! It took place on 19th July at The Sun Inn, Swindon, where it was very well attended. I apologise for the lateness of the report. The meeting was chaired by our very own President Tim Mason, (Assistant District Governor). At the start we all stood up and said how we were feeling, there were some very interesting comments!!
    Four speakers gave good reports on 1) Community/Vocational, given by PDG Ken Corrigan. 2) International was represented by Rotarian Jill Johnston (our eClub member). 3) Environmental was covered by Rotarian Roger Perrin and 4)Green Futures for Schools was presented by Rotarian Roger Batty.
    Some other items covered – Update was given about The Uplands School Cafe Project – most of the kitchen equipment and other materials had been collected. Help will be needed later to paint etc! Solar Ovens is still being looked into by Rotary Club of Swindon! Mention was made about the possibility of advertising on cereal boxes etc. – as is done by the Girl Scouts of America. Sounds an excellant idea! Food was available throughout the meeting and was excellant, several went up for seconds!!!
    After the meeting several members stayed behind networking.
    Going to Zone meetings is definately widening my experience of Rotary and I would recommend any member to attend it is a good way to meet fellow Rotarians.

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