I need THREE people to form a team for the district quiz vs Royal Wotten Basset on Thursday 15th November.

It’s general knowledge, but anyone who knows anything about sport will be particulalrly welcome !

Please sign up via this website and don’t be shy !


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0 thoughts on “District Quiz 15th November

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with Rachel, so a solution could be to ask to the on line members to use the Skype video call, showing their hands up and away from the pc keyboard…Maybe it’s only a silly suggestion, but it could also funny….!!!

  1. Lynne Wootton says:

    I’m totally useless at quizzes unfortunately! Yvonne is one of our members who is in a quiz team and often wins prizes! However she been out of the country on her hols (she still might be) so I would guess she also might not be available for 15th.
    So sorry. I do hope we now have a fully formed team to do the eClub proud next week!

    Good luck


  2. Katharine says:

    Thanks to Janice Mason, Dave Brown and Katharine McNealey who represented the e.club at the first round of the District Quiz on Thursday 15th November. Members from Royal Wootton Bassett and Swindon Old Town were astonished to find we were REAL people and there were lots of “virtual” wise cracks.

    The questions were very varied but there was a bit of a male bias!

    We didn’t win…but we put up a good show and Janice and I were very impressed by Daves knowledge of old car models…..

    It so important to get out and about with other Rotary Clubs and show we are real people and to explain how we work.

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