Programme for week commencing 25th June, 2015 Secretary Tim reflects on whether being a Rotarian in eRotary is an easy option, as lots of comments from others seem to imply!

First let me begin by saying eRotary is definitely where I feel most at home, it fits well with my busy lifestyle and I can do my Rotary when I have the time, most of the time this is when I first get up in the morning over a cup of coffee.

I also love that it can be based on the use of Social Media, I have built up an international network of friends in both my belonging to Rotary International and my networking through Social Media. I love the ability to use Social Media to raise people’s awareness of topics that I’m passionate about and what will make our communities better places to live e.g. Autism Awareness, Mental Health, Let’s Loop the UK, volunteering in the community, etc.

Social Media Icons

eRotary of course isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, for instance if you like meeting people face to face, then perhaps its not for you, although I do get to do this sometimes. However what is important in eRotary is that you get to know people, build relationships and this can be done like in any other Rotary experience, by speaking to people through Social Media, by phone or by meeting up. It is a lot harder to build relationships by chatting on Facebook, but they are good once achieved, probably better than a five minute chat over lunch or breakfast. I have more friends because of eRotary than I had in more traditional Rotary.

laptop and coffe

eRotary is still about your individual commitment to try to lead an ethical life by observing the Four Way Test:

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all?

eRotary is still about doing your best to do Service above Self in your community or in projects that you have a real passion for. To me Rotary is part of all I’m involved in, because it’s a way of how I lead my life.

The only thing I dislike about eRotary is the constant jibes and jokes about it, we pay the same subscriptions to belong, we believe in the same ethos, we are Rotarians, we’ve just found another way to be connected as a network. If Rotary is to survive for another 100 years, then we must find ways to engage people in different ways that suit them to join us. eRotary suits me, my needs and my passions to do good in the world, in what spare time I have.


So yes for me eRotary is my only option, I’m proud to be part of the Click 4 Action eRotary and I am looking forward to the new Rotary Year 2015/16 to see what new directions I will be involved in and what new things I will learn.

Proud to be in Rotary, as doing it online is definitely Easy Peasy and I can do it my way.

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