Programme week commencing 14th June, 2012

As we prepare for our eClub Assembly to take place week commencing 28th June (which is when our plans for 2012/13 are shared and the Assistant Governor visits our eClub to hear these and give a message from the incoming District Governor), this is a last opportunity to ensure these plans are what the eClub wants to do.

Here’s a quick reminder of our programme from the week commencing 10th May, when President Tim set out the goals he’d like to see achieved during 2012/13:-

eClub Membership Action Group

  • to increase our membership by 10 new people
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to develop the mentoring scheme perhaps with eClub members becoming mentors
  • to work with PR Action Group on localised membership campaigns and with other Rotary Clubs in the District

Service Projects Action Group

  • to develop and run one International Project
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to develop and run one national project
  • to support the Cafe & Shop project with Swindon Special Needs School
  • to explore opportunities for involvement of young people

The Rotary Foundation Action Group

  • to raise funds for End Polio Now Campaign
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to learn more about the work of Acorns Childens Hospice (seeking possibly a District Simplifed Grant)
  • to help develop knowledge within the eClub about the Rotary Foundation’s work
  • to explore opportunities for young people

eClub Public Relations Action Group

  • to run at least three local campaigns for recruitment in conjunction with the Membership Action Group and local Rotary Clubs
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to promote positive mental health
  • to develop relationships with the local media
  • to develop relationships with business groups in the community
  • to develop eClub social networking

eClub Administration Action Group

  • to ensure we produce an eClub Budget and account for funds in a proper way
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to get the eClub Charitable Status in place and have opened a Charity Account
  • to refresh the website and make it more eClub friendly
  • to coordinate the eClub weekly programmes and calendar of events and activities

Subsequently the Service Projects Action Group, under the coordination of Yzanne, has published their proposed programme. So now it’s time to do the tweaking of the goals and add in additional ideas members would like included. Please use this week to work with your Action Group to give your views, ideas or updates, so that as we prepare the final plans everyone has an opportunity to contribute. Action Groups can hold their meetings using the eClub Blog or by other methods e.g. Skype.

Proposed Monthly Meeting Dates

Please see Calendar of Events, we need to firm up on the dates for the whole year.  Please can the organisers of the next few months’ meetings suggest dates and can everyone consider ideas of further activities for later months, which may be part of your Action Group plans.

Further eClub volunteers required:

Finally we are again looking for volunteers to undertake specific roles in the eClub:

  • Sports & Fun Officer – to help organise and encourage some fun events that help members get to know each other. Plus coordinate our involvement in the District 1100 Skittles and Quiz competitions.
  • Weekly Programme Coordinator – to ensure a weekly programme plan is in place, this is a coordinating role as each Action Group will be asked to arrange a number of programmes throughout the year.
  • eClub Calendar & Events Coordinator
  • News Update Coordinator – so that we can produce a monthly eNewsletter to tell others what we are doing.
  • Specific members who would attend District Zone meetings on behalf of the eClub.
  • District Conference organiser – for coordinating eClub members to attend in March 2013 as a group.

If interested ask Janice, our Secretary, for job descriptions.

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0 thoughts on “eClub Action Groups – are your plans ready for our Assembly?

    • Jill says:

      Hi Janice

      How/where is Club Assembly taking place? We have a family funeral on 28th, so I have family staying 27th – 29th, but would love to be involved if possible.

      As a quite different issue, I might be able to help with the Yate Beer Festival, but am not sure whether we do this via Ysanne, or go to Yate Club direct with this offer.

      Hope to hear from you soon, meanwhile with kindest regards



      • Janice Mason says:

        Hi Jill

        The eClub Assembly will take place in this website and will last the normal week, so that all members get the chance to comment and contribute at a time that suits them. This will be next week’s programme, including a video talk from our supporting AG (Assistant Governor).

        Can you please contact Ysanne about the Yate Beer Festival so that the Service Projects Action Group can coordinate and communicate all offers of support to Yate in an organised fashion.

        With kindest regards

  1. Heather says:

    >>Kevin is already working to refresh the website and a test site is imminent. Please can you give us an idea of your plans and timescales for updating and then managing the website going forward for us to include in our eClub 2012-13 plan. What does this Action need to do to support you to do this?

    I think Kevin has been in touch with an update via email. At the moment I am putting content into the site as a starting point, to give a good impression of how the site will work. It’s in the full expectation though that there will be a need to change things around etc. It’s quite time-consuming so I’m not doing a full site populate as it would keep everyone waiting too long, esp as lots of change is inevitable once the test site is ‘unveiled’.

  2. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    Tim et al
    Following on from my query re tshirts/polo shirts via Katherine, she has asked me to do this due to other commitments. What is the price limit and how many shall I get done? There is a firm in Devizes who do other stuff for Rotary, have the logo etc, so if you can let me know what we want front and back, even as a temporary measure I will try and get something sorted to suit our budget.

    • David Brown says:

      I’d go for the Rotary logo with District 1100 underneath and the wording eclub and the web address on the sleeve. I’ve no idea on budget because it depends on the quality. If it helps I’ll buy the first one then people can see what they are getting. Not sure I’m fit to be a model though.

    • Janice Mason says:

      Difficult to give a budget without a quote, but also realise we have a time constraint to get these T Shirts sorted. I suggest big Rotary logo on the front with nothing else. On the back I like something we’ve seen another Club use: Rotarian at Work with our web address underneath. Dark blue shirts with all printing in big bold yellow.
      I like the idea of somethingthing on the sleeve, but as these are T shirts lets hold onto that thought for when we get sweatshirts or something else done. I do want to redesign our eClub logo (needs to fit into social media boxes easier) and we have already suggested tweaking the eClub name so that it is easier to say, so a bit of a rebranding exercise. We will then get articles of clothing printed for eClub members. So this is just a temporary measure. Yzanne, if you could get a quote and whizz it over to us for us to check against our bank account I would be grateful. Get 2 quotes, 1 for printing just enough for the helpers at the concert and 1 for getting 10 printed. Thanks.

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