Hi all,

As you may have seen I’ve taken on the role of safety advisor for the eclub.

Next week I will be attending a Rotary Health and Safety event in Cheltenham. I know that the subject has a less than riveting appeal but if there is any information you require or any questions you would like me to find the answers to please  let me know.

We all want our family, friends, fellow rotarians and people we meet to have a great time in a safe environment and with a little bit of fore thought and planning this is easily possible.

Bit of home safety; were you aware that tv remotes can be a cause of fires. If they get trapped between the cushions on the settee or chair, the buttons can stay pressed in and the unit overheats – leave it somewhere safe


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0 thoughts on “eclub safety

  1. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    Thanks for the tip Dave. I always put the laptop on the floor, and try to turn it off, but never thought about the remote. Note to self to start putting it on the coffee table each evening rather than searching for it down the back of the sofa each morning!

  2. Janice Mason says:

    Well I never knew that, you learn something new every day:-) I wonder wether this makes Tim a fire hazard when he falls asleep on the sofa grasping the remote so tight I can’t pries it out of his hands???

  3. Heather says:

    I didn’t know that Dave. Being us we have a computer with a TV card, rather than a TV, and we use a very small wireless keyboard – about the size of a mobile phone. It can be switched off when not in use – with a three year old we find that invaluable – so we shouldn’t run that risk, but it’s useful to know. Thanks.

  4. Martyn Harwood says:

    Hi Dave Look forward to meeting you at the Mini Convention on Wednesday. Health and Safety is really important when running events, you will learn all about the Insurance that Rotary has which covers all Rotarians and their helpers for events and everything we do as Rotarians.

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