This week 12th September as our weekly programme we wanted to up-date everyone as to what activities and projects our members in eRotary are undertaking. Just to clarify not everyone is doing everything, our eRotary is flexible, engages with individual passions, encourages the use of our skills, talents and experience and above all aids you to have fun in the limited time you have to spare.


For some months we’ve been discussing our name, we are therefore putting forward we re-brand ourselves as Click 4 Action eRotary. For sometime this has been a strap line so people will already be aware of it and we have included within our new branding the new Rotary International logo, which is so fresh looking. Another new idea we intend to introduce as part of this development is to produce a USB Stick with details and video contents, that members can present to Rotary Clubs they visit, instead of giving the traditional banners. This will help promote eRotary and our work in particular. (More information on our proposed re-branding can be read in our Members Forum).

Are you ready for the 21st September – The International Day of Peace?

Peace One Day

Enda has put up some really good links in the Members Forum under International – Peace Conference, this year we’d like all members and guests to use their Social Media to start a real discussion about Peace and how to achieve it in our world. On the day we will screen on our website the live celebrations, plus for those who can get there Kevin is having a Face Space Meeting at his house in Swindon between 12.00 and 4.00.p.m., which is a chance to learn more about websites and apps, meet other eRotarians, eat, drink and we are going to induct some new members online by Skype.

Please also see what our Rotaract Hub has undertaken for the International Peace Day on FB Photography Competition

One of our themes we are promoting as part of our eAwareness is Mental Health this year – help us to get people discussing it openly and we want people to consider keeping mentality fit by regular mental exercise.


Please encourage people to drop into our Mental Health and Wellbeing Open Space being organised in Worcester Guildhall on Saturday 12th October, between 10.00 and 4.00.p.m. This is just the start of our activities, we need everyone to help get the message out through social media, please use our FB Page  or follow us on twitter at C4AeRotary and help by re-tweeting.

Shoe Boxes for Romania – this year we hope to send 100 boxes for Christmas, can you help by providing the contents? Please see members forum for more information.

Young Writers Competition – We’re looking for fiction writing to be submitted to us by 30 November 2013. Competition open to young people 7 – 17 years. Entries to be sent to

Each entrant should create a story – max 500 words – in prose entitled “What a difference that made on my life/their lives.” That can be anything the storyteller wishes to define. 

Made - Small bag 14 & necklace

Getting Tied Up with Rotary – this project has taken on a momentum of its own, we have flyers if you can get them displayed in local shops, plus we have collection points in hotels, estate agents, a restaurant where the owner is to offer diners a voucher for ties, shops, offices. We are collecting in London, Australia, Canada and would want this to be a global project that fires the imagination of others to help charities and End Polio Now.  For more information please visit Recycled Neck Ties

Every month it is our intention to keep you informed about some of the projects we are undertaking, for our members we would encourage you to pop into the members forum to catch up. Especially as we have plans starting to come together with the Gloucester City Farm Duck Pond as part of our environmental efforts. We are developing the Rotary Community Corps – Community Act and have plans to pilot this in Malmesbury. Watch out for details for our efforts to raise funds for the Rotary Foundation, a great team is in formation to get this underway. Work continues with our Autism Awareness Action Plan and another workshop in March 2014, Interact at Uplands School will continue this term with the Roll Out the Barrel project.

Watch this space for our Bright Idea – coming soon for Christmas!


One of the most simplest things we ask all eRotarians to do and friends is to help us promote our activities. Please share our posts on this website by clicking the buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please share our posts on all these social media and join in with the discussions, it helps people to be more aware of eRotary and what Rotary International is doing in our world. If you need help with Social Media within the Members Forum we have willing people to give you help.

Don’t forget to put forward your ideas in the Coffee Lounge and the exciting part of all this is that Click 4 Action eRotary is doing it online, having fun and is helping to make a difference.

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