Happy Christmas to everyone in the D1100 eClub.

It has been an exciting 2011, watching this new club grow. Looking forward to the Inaugural meeting in 2012.

A suggestion for your programme in 2012.

Peace Day – 21  Sept  2012

Peace One Day is calling for and working towards a Global Truce – a day of ceasefire and non-violence observed by all sectors of society globally. To this end POD is engaged in an extensive diplomatic and grassroots communications exercise. POD hopes this will be the largest reduction in global violence in recorded history, both domestically and internationally.


There are some good Utube videos


Global Peace Day allowed Rotary to provide Polio drops to millions of Children in Afghanistan in Sept 2011.

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  1. Janice Mason says:

    At the 2011 Rotary International convention Tim and I heard how the Rotary End Polio Now Campaign is ‘this close’ to eradicating polio from the World. It has taken longer than originally planned and the reason it is still in 3 countries (Pakistan, Nigeria and India) is because of civil wars preventing families getting to immunisation stations or workers being able to reach the families in their own villages. By raising awareness of this Global Peace Day, by supporting everyone to buy into it, we will be supporting Rotary to achieve their aim of eradicating Polio.

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