Hello everyone.  Really excited and pleased to be part of this new eclub.  I know practically nothing about Rotary, other than what I have read from Tim’s facebook page and seeing some newspaper articles in the local paper.  When Tim asked me if I would be interested in joining however,  I didn’t take much persuading.  What I do know sounds really interesting and brings together different elements of my life without having to commit to a weekly meeting, that in my busy life would be very difficult to achieve.  I am looking forward to getting to know others and finding out about Rotary life.

A bit about me.  I am 33, work within youth justice but am also an ordinand within the Church of England.  I am a mum of 7, which certainly keeps me busy.  We breed and show British Shorthair cats and also have 2 great danes and a chihuahua, so never a quiet time in our home.  We live and work in Gloucester and I first met Tim and Janice in the days of Holy Disorder.  Still to this day, Tim will tell everyone about the story of the frozen peas whenever he introduces me to anyone, even though it happened over 20 years ago! (that makes me feel very old!!!!)

I have a particular interest and passion for Indian life and culture.  I took a group of young people out to Bangalore last summer for the diocese of Gloucester as part of the link programme and made great friends with many different community members.  I have since returned to be a guest at a wedding last December and will be taking my 4 eldest children out next February so that they can start to explore the different cultural needs and social dynamics.  Not so excited at taking a 7 year old on a 14 hour flight!

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