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0 thoughts on “Help Choose New Logo

  1. Polly Robinson says:

    I really like number five as it’s vibrant, seems to be active, lively, forward-looking, much like the e-Club in fact. The only reason I don’t like 2, 3, and 4 is the font used for 1100 – not my cuppa tea. One is OK but much more formal than 5.

    I shall be most interested to find out which of these become the logo 🙂

  2. Rachel Davis says:

    Well done Janice – I like the concept – very forward thinking. My personal favourite is number 4 – with the forward pointing arrows, really like the idea that the eclub is moving forward.
    Will be interesting to see how everyone else votes – but I know that this would’ve involved a lot of work, so thank you Janice.

  3. Janice Mason says:

    Thank you Rachel. It’s the result of a lot of feedback, lots of discussions, quite a bit of heart ache, day dreaming in the bath and then pressing a button on the computer just to see what it did! I love it when things come together, but know that everyone has different tastes, so interested to know what everyone thinks.

  4. Jill says:

    Hi Janice Thank you for your hard work on this; so hard to meet everyone’s idea of what suits. My preference shapewise is for 3, because it is so different; also because my eye prefers a squarish shape, rather than round. But the typeface on 2 is less formal than on 3, so over all I would go for design 2. Kindest regards to all. Jill

  5. Katharine says:

    oooh sorry folks but I like things straightforward and uncluttered, so 1 and 2 got my votes.

    I did wonder if we should call ourselves something totally different. Few people outside Rotary know what “District 1100” means. What about Rotary Central South West, or Great Western ?!

    Incidently, that American e.club is NY1. I visited them for Scatter Week expecting them to be in NY City and was surprised to find them in a small town called Utica
    in Central New York State. So names can be misleading.

  6. David Brown says:

    very interesting, bet there are a lot of designs in the recycle bin. 5 then 1 of these but I’m not sure about two sets of different circular designs. Reminds me of a surf club, is that what it means! Could we just put the Rotary badge into the horizontal design without the swirls

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