Love-to-HEP-imageHow did you meet your partner? Is it a tale of humour or intrigue?

“I can’t hear you with all this noise. Would you mind staying behind afterwards to tell me what you know about how the fight started.” What a chat up line! But it was the sentence that changed my life uttered by the man I went on to marry.

Rotary@1100 is collecting stories of how couples met. We would love to include your story. Our dream is to compile a book of couples’ new beginnings, the stories that you couldn’t invent, they just happen and change the course of lives. The polio vaccine also changes lives. In the three remaining countries where polio still exists it gives children the chance of life without the fear of being crippled. Please help bring joy, laughter and tears to others – to the people who will buy and read this book and to the children whose lives will be without the threat of Polio.

Janice, this year’s President, says…

“Over the years I have met lots of people and I love to hear the stories of how couples met and got together. They are stories of romance, laughter, drama, determination and the downright bizarre.

“I have always said that a compilation of these stories would make a wonderful book. So now I’ve stopped saying it and I’m getting down to actually doing it! The stories will be published as an eBook and sold in aid of End Polio Now.

“Please spread the word to your friends, family and neighbours around the World, get collecting those stories. The story might only be 1 sentence long, I have been told a few rib tickling 1 liners that need no more explanation, or they may need longer, but do try to avoid the sagas!”

Submit your story to, to support Rotary@1100’s quest.

Please submit your stories to to support Rotary@1100’s quest. You can read more about Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign here

We are aiming to publish the eBook in June 2014 and will keep all contributors informed.

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