The programme for the week commencing 21st February, 2013

This week we continue the discussions on the proposed ‘Family Membership’ proposals being put forward by Zone 5 Greater Swindon and please continue to comment on plans for 2013/14, we do want other members’ ideas.

On Saturday 16th March we ran a very successful Autism Awareness Workshop.  Our thanks to those eClub members who were able to get involved, for those who were unable please see some of the photographs that illustrate the day. Over the Easter holidays Lorna is typing things up and we will produce a short report, mainly outlining the next steps to this work. In the meantime on the 2nd April please light up the Social Networks with Blue, as this is Autism Awareness International Day and we are encouraged to get the blue light shining out bright across the world.


Yvonne who did the coordination of the day setting up the tables


Those who attended might like to tell other members what they learnt from the day or gained from it, in the comment box below.

Robert Buckland MP tells those present about all party work on the Autism Bill in Parliament


Those who didn’t attend might like to pose questions about Autism, please do so in the comments below.






This workshop was just the beginning, we await the outcomes in more detail, but in the meantime we are planning a more in-depth workshop about Autism.


Simon tells us more about the Autism Spectrum and Simon is keen to help with the Task and Finish Group on Business Accreditation.

Do visit our News Update to get a brief look at some of the immediate outcomes including the Task and Finish Group being set up  News Update

Jackie shares her vision and enthusiasm about the Uplands Educational Trust and asks us to consider what more we can do within our communities to include people with Autism.


A great day and we look forward with your help to build on this work in the coming months.  Please help spread the Autism Awareness agenda through your posts on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter and telling your friends and work colleagues about our efforts.

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0 thoughts on “Help us promote Autism on the 2nd April

  1. Rachel Davis says:

    Can you let us know how we are turning our social networks blue? Also – why Blue?
    Sorry if this seems a dense question – but having not made it to the workshop due to dog care issues, I don’t have the faintest idea of what is going on!

  2. Jill says:

    Brilliant day last Saturday. The Autism Workshop helped me to much better understand the condition and how to respond. Several good speakers, each giving a different perspective; everyone kept to time. Very well run, informative day.

    Regards to all


  3. Sinead Darker says:

    Really interesting stuff sorry I had to leave due to time constraints. For future days, if they happen, I think we would attract a more diverse crowd by limiting the workshop to the morning – I found it difficult to attract people to attend all day! Shame as it was a really interesting day. Well done Yvonne, Lorna etc. 🙂

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