Programme for week commencing 16th May, 2013

Global Grants

As changes to Foundation’s grants system comes into force on 1st July, 2013, Matching Grants give way to Global Grants, and District Simplified Grants are replaced by District Grants.

Whereas it has been quite possible hitherto for a Rotary Club to fund a Matching Grant almost on its own (the RC in the project country usually only contributes a nominal sum, especially if it is in a developing country), Global Grants will need a much higher level of funding; this will encourage several Clubs to work together on these bigger projects. In 2013/14 the International + Foundation Committees will be co-operating on 2 Global Grants, that Clubs can ‘plug in to’.

Nsankhani, Malawi
We want to extend an existing Health Clinic, to build a dedicated Maternity Ward (which then needs to be equipped), plus a toilet block. This in part depends upon The Rotary Foundation’s approval for the building of the Maternity Ward + toilet block. Grants are not allowed for new buildings, but an extension to an existing Health Clinic could be acceptable. The total cost of building + equipping is likely to be in the order of £50,000. This project is led by Celia Gardner, Worcester Vigornia Club.

Sungsabe School, Nepal
Sungsabe is a village high in the mountains in the Kanchanjanga district of north east Nepal. The existing school was destroyed by an earthquake, so re-building then equipping it may qualify for a Global Grant. As the villagers survive by subsistence farming in these remote mountain areas, the children do not get an education unless there is a very local school. The cost of re-building and equipping the school is likely to be of the order of £25,000; the PaharTrust would work in partnership with Rotary on this project. This project is led by Tim Mitchell, Bristol Northwest Club.

A District 1100 group has been set up with ‘Lend with Care’, which itself is a partnership between Care International + the Co-op Bank. Micro-credit is an excellent way to help individuals + small groups to help themselves; Lending is the new Giving! To access the D1100 group go to: Choose a project that appeals, in a country that appeals, then for a small sum in our terms, huge benefits can arise for the borrower in a developing country. This project is led by Jill Johnston, D1100 e-Club.

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