JanicePresident Janice writes our programme this week commencing 25th December, 2014.

I believe it is important in eRotary that we all learn quickly about sharing, as our way of operating relies so much on our ability to get to know each other through internet communication. Sharing information about ourselves, passions, hopes, ideals and how we develop eRotary through online activities. Our eRotary operates with members with limited time, so please keep doing what we do best through our Members Forum and the Coffee Lounge on Facebook. Talk to each other, bounce the ideas around, so they can be taken forward to deliver our special Rotary activities.

I’m just reading this morning an email from Rotarian Maria who is away travelling again, where she is sharing her exciting experiences of Boreno and yesterday Jasper shared his ideas for us to maybe get involved with a European Conference in Bucharest in 2015.

Maria meets with nature on her travels
Maria meets with nature on her travels

Throughout the year I’ve loved learning more from all of you about your activities, travels and ideas. With eRotary it really helps when we share posts on social media, especially as eAwareness is key to our eRotary – helping to promote messages in regards to Autism, Mental Health, the need for better Sanitation and Water, this is really contributing to helping to bring about change. For example, I am very impressed each week when others share the posts put on our Facebook page, this increases our reach, it promotes our activities and projects, helps raise awareness about Rotary and shows we care.

Sharing your experiences of eRotary with your friends is vital to our continued growth and again sharing our activities through your personal social media helps people to see we are Rotary, online and making a difference.

President’s Challenge to Share:

So here is my challenge to you individually (visitors and members) at this special holiday time, please leave a shared comment on this programme, so it is owned by us all and secondly give a small donation through Paypal for our World’s Greatest Meal contribution to help End Polio Now – who says in eRotary we can’t have fun whilst enjoying and sharing a feast together!


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