This is the first of our new Business Meetings, as the week progresses we hope that members will engage with the meeting and help in the decision making required to progress the eClub’s development, whilst being informed of matters related our plans.


  1. How weekly programmes are to be arranged
  2. Revising the eClub logo, marketing material and sweat/tee shirts
  3. Finance Report a) Account Summary 2011/12, b) Budget 2012/13, c) Funds in account today, d) Proposed spending
  4. Administration – agreement to adopt the Trust Formate, in order to open a Charity Account
  5. Membership recruitment and retention
  6. Up-dates on projects
  7. Any Other Business
President’s remarks – welcome everyone to our first Business Meeting I hope that it will help engage you in the decision making necessary for our eClub to keep moving forward and operate within RI’s constitution. In some Rotary Clubs they have a Club Council where decisions are made and these are reported to the Club, but many Clubs are now trying this combined way of doing things where everyone is involved, for greater transparency . Over the past weeks it is good to see so many of you now using the website, all we ask is that when possible you login once a week to take part in the weekly programme. We are still recruiting new members and when you make friends with them, please try to help them navigate around the website. When we have our new website later in the year, if you are on at the same time you will be able do instant chat. Finally it is also good to see our members wanting to engage in Zone meetings and also to visit traditional Rotary Clubs, this is good in two ways as it helps you learn more about Rotary and secondly you can help promote the eClub to other Rotarians in the District.  If you do attend meetings or attend another club, please give my greetings from District 1100 eClub and share your experience with us on your return to the eClub website.
Item 1. –  Format for weekly programmes

We have adopted the following format:

The plan is to have a Business Meeting and an Open Meeting each month and the remaining dates shared equally between the Action Groups to take responsibility to organise the subject and ‘speaker’, which could be anything from a member’s life and job talk, all about a particular organisation or project, to something which your Action Group think the whole club will find entertaining/interesting.  It is the responsibility of all the members to help arrange the programmes for which the Action Group is responsible. Mike Nash and Lynne Wootton have agreed to coordinate the programme calendar within the Administration Action Group, Action Group coordinators have been given dates and they will be allocated out to their members.

Any further information please contact the Secretary Janice.

Item 2. – Revising the eClub Logo, Marketing Material and Clothing

The logo was developed for launching the eClub, we believe it is now time to consider having something new. Have members got ideas of what it should illustrate, what culture we ought incorporate, what is the ethos of our eClub? Once we have some designs we will share these with members. We’d like then to consider producing some marketing materials and do members want sweat shirts or tee shirts or both? Your ideas in all these areas would be really welcomed.

Item 3.  – Finance Report

a) Summary of Accounts 2011/12 (full accounts will be presented at our AGM in December)

 Item                                                    Income                                       Expenditure

RI Joining Fees                                  £400.00                                       £375.00

Subscriptions                                      £897.22

Charter Event Tickets                       £783.85

Charter Event Cost                                                                                    £934.00

Carol Singing Collection                £225.00

Payment to End Polio Now                                                                   £225.00

Scrumrun Sponsorship                                                                          £ 50.00

Gift from RC Stonehouse             £ 50.00

District Set Up Grant                    £199.82

Donation                                         £  4.00

Totals                                         £2,559.89                                   £1,209.00

Carry over to 2012/13              £1,350.89

b) Budget for 2012/13 – will be posted later in week

c) Current Account Balance      £2269.31

d)  The Rotary Club of Old Town gave us £521 from the Sale of Ducks

It is proposed that this is used by the eClub as follows:

  • £300 towards purchase of a Shelter Box
  • £50 to be added to the funds raised by Debbie from the Vie Party to purchase Shoe Boxes
  • £150 towards Duck Pond project at Gloucester City Farm
  • The remainder is used towards the purchase of a pull-up banner
We also need to use the £50 donated by the Stonehouse Rotary Club to purchase collecting boxes, can we have a volunteer to buy these please.
Item 4. Administration of Charitable Giving –  Establishment of a Charitable Trust Fund
We need the eClub members approval to establish a Charitable Trust Fund, proposed by the Treasurer, seconded by the Secretary. Please read the attached documents for further information.
Item 5. – Membership Recruitment and retention
  • As you are aware Senior Vice President Rachel has taken on this role, members of the Membership Action Group should visit the group where Rachel poses some questions to consider.
  • A number of the provisional members are now wanting to become full-members of the eClub, to do this they sign a declaration and the secretary posts a notice on the eClub Noticeboard informing people it is proposed that these members join, any objections in writing should be made to the Secretary before the closing date posted. So please check the eClub Noticeboard when you login.
  • We intend to post dates on the Calendar of Events, please send details of any dates you are proposing for activities to Mike Nash & Lynne Wootton who have also agreed to coordinate this part of the eClub.
  • In the early days of the eClub we featured a lot about needing to build relationships with each other, the need to understand that people have joined the eClub because they are busy people. While we would encourage physical meetings, the main meetings and relationship building tools are by internet using either the website or social networks (of course conventional things could be used like telephone or email). We are an online Club and members must not feel pressurised or excluded by some who meet physically as well.
  • Janice is to produce a new guide to using our website, which we will send out with the new membership cards, however if you’d like some training by phone or in person please let either Janice or Tim know.
  • Please remember if an opportunity to introduce new people arises, we are offering a free 2 month trial, so they can decide if it suits them and we can get to know them.
  • A new eClub directory will be posted this week and up-t0-date details of Action Group Membership.
  • Report on membership as of 31st July, will be posted on that date in the meeting comments.
 Item 6.  – Up Dates on Projects
Please use comment box during the week to give updates on projects.
Item 7.  – Any Other Business
  • Volunteer required to be the eClub Environmental Officer, arising from Zone meetings
  • Volunteer required to be the eClub Database Administrator for the District 1100 Annual Directory
  • Please raise any business you may have in the comment box below.
Proposed new District 1100 eClub Logo (added 30/7/12) Do you like this or have you any ideas?
Decisions required from members:
  1. Your ideas around new logo, marketing material and clothing
  2. Agreement on proposed spend from sale of Duck monies
  3. Agreement to establish a Charitable Trust Fund
  4. Logo thoughts

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0 thoughts on “July Business Meeting

  1. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    I’m off shortly so brief posting. Personally, I’d like a t-shirt/polo shirt but no sweatshirt. I think we could do with tabards too.

    I’m happy with the split on monies – however the shoe boxes will require more than £50 – from memory 100 will cost £150, so we need to get fund-raising all. Either that or change the split, as we will be ordering soon. There is a donation on its way (amount TBC) from marlborough for the help Jan, Dave and I gave at Avebury Rocks.

    I’m happy with the Trust Fund.

    With regards to people meeting up, I think we must be aware that some people are doing so as, at times, it’s easier to meet and discuss things than always do it on line. Whilst the e-club requires less “commitment” when it comes to attending meetings than a “physical” club, it actually takes a long time, when trying to arrange something (fund-raising etc) to 1. word your post correctly and 2. get all your points across and so meeting is easier. People shouldn’t feel pressured to attend any of them, but if it is a meeting of a group which you are part of, please send your input to those who are meeting/on site, so you can be included. Service Projects have got where we are by meeting, we invite all to enjoy us to be inclusive, we don’t meet to be exclusive.

    • Tim Mason says:

      The note next to the £50 for shoe boxes, says this is to be added to the money we’ve just banked from Debbie £102 from her Vie Party which was for Shoe Boxes.

    • Janice Mason says:

      I think what we are finding is that the eClub is a very different way to doing things to a ‘conventional’ club. We need to think differently and think in different time scales, and consider what we can actually achieve in the way that we need to function. This is a new way of working for Rotary, I don’t believe we can duplicate what is done in physical clubs, we have the exciting opportunity to think out of the box and be innovative in what we do.

  2. Debbie Vincent says:

    I would personally like a tee shirt and a fleece rather than a sweatshirt hence when you are making collections in the cold people can still see what you are promoting! With regards to the logo, bright and bold so again it can be seen but not intrusive,

    I also agree with the way the monies are split, they are all great causes, and I think the idea of pull up banners is a great asset for the eClub!

    I am happy with the Charitable Trust Fund.

  3. admin says:

    From Service Projects Action Group:

    One of our projecst as an eClub is the Rotary Shoebox Scheme. Although there are many people out there collecting, there are always more needed. I cannot imagine at any age not ever having received a present, however small or large that gift may be. Can you imagine waking on your birthday or Christmas and no one acknowledging that it even exists. Some might think what you have never had you never miss, which is true, but how much more uplifting just seeing someone smile and for just filling a shoebox!

    A shoebox can be filled with many things depending on which age you choose, whether it is a baby, boy, girl or teenager up to the age of 18. Items such as toys, “Matchbox” type cars, bouncy balls, jigsaws, picture books, fluffy toys, dolls, colouring books,crayons etc. Christmas cracker gifts are really good to put in.

    Teenagers – Can you imagine the delight on a young teenagers face if he/she opens a box to find inside some makeup or toiletries, sportswear, scarf, gloves, hat, so if anyone is good at knitting, get your needles out and help make someone happy, writing material, football memorabilia and whatever you feel is appropriate for the age.

    Household – You can also add handsoap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pen, paper envelopes etc!

    Whilst filling a box it is also nice to put a photograph and senders name and address!

    Please mark on box what age it is for and whether it is boy,girl or teenager and whether it is suitable for Christmas, Birthday or both. Please do not mix materials as it makes it difficult to distribute!

    Distrubution overseas is organised by the Rotary Shoebox Scheme and are allocated throughout the year and not just at Christmas as I always thought before getting involved with this project. The agreement is to furnish the scheme with a written report and photographs of the distribution of each load.

    We are purchasing 100 shoeboxes, our aim was to fill 40. Anyone who is interested in helping, please start collecting and make someone happy! Wouldn’t it be great if we could fill the 100!!!! I have got someone taking in ten boxes to her work. Fantastic and that was without even asking just telling her about our aims! We can do it!!!!

    More information can be found on

  4. Mary says:

    Wonder why Rotary has its own shoe box campaign when locally there is an organisation doing exactly the same thing, Their operation Christmas child. It does have a Christian ethos but does not force their beliefs on recipients. I believe in partnership working and not reinventing the wheel – they do not require ‘special’ boxes etc.

    The programme , I like sweatshirts but think a fleece is a good idea. I HATE short sleeved t/polo shirts , my arms need bracelet length! Not so important for a virtual club. As I stated before we do need name badges for when we venture out wearing our eclub ‘hat’

    The logo should be bright and cheerful but clear that we are a virtual club, needs to show computers connecting maybe with a human element clicking a mouse??

    I have not had a chance to look at the Trust documentation but assume that all clubs do this and therefore HQ which ever one that is has okayed it for the Charities commission approval?

    • Jill says:

      Hi Mary

      Whilst I agree with your comments about re-inventing the wheel (or in this case the shoebox) the Shoebox scheme is not a new Rotary ‘invention’. I was a member of a conventional Club for 20 years, and was filling shoeboxes some 16/17 years ago. Excellent scheme.

      very best wishes


  5. Tim Mason says:

    Can I propose a compromise on the Shoe Boxes, after Mary’s comments, plus I know Janice and Shelley have expressed similar thoughts. The Service Projects Action Group only buys 50 boxes to fill, we then encourage other members of the eClub to take part as within a partnership working basis with a local group that is doing this activity and perhaps using ‘ real shoe boxes’, Mary has suggested a link.

  6. Janice Mason says:

    The logo idea is beginning to take shape based on ideas and feedback you have been giving to me. Have started a draft and hopefully will be able to post very soon. Idea is based on a mouse with the tag line ‘Click for Action’.

  7. Janice Mason says:

    Please see update of the Gloucester City Farm project under the eClub Projects. A plan of how this project is going to proceed has been written following an eClub visit and picnic lunch held at the Farm Saturday 28th July 2012.

  8. Clive Hawkins says:

    To reply to Mary’s question re the Trust Fund as a member of another club I can confirm that most clubs do have a Trust Fund and ALL clubs should have one if they are raising monies for charity and distributing it.

    It helps seperate out that activity from normal club activity, means the club does not get taxed on income generation activities etc etc – there are all sorts of legal connotationsif/when clubs collect monies from the public. The documentation is standard stuff drawn up by Rotary International in Britain & Ireland (RIBI) and is a practical example of where “Head Office” is very useful in providing legally compliant template documents for clubs to use.


  9. Jill says:

    Regarding the 3 issues on which we have been asked to comment, my thoughts are as follows:

    1. in my opinion a computer should be included somewhere is the logo, perhaps in a funky way!

    For marketing material I wonder whether us all having leaflets to hand out would be a better way of promoting the Club than a pull-up banner?

    For clothing, I would prefer a polo shirt for warmer times + a fleece for colder times.

    2. Happy to go along with the spend suggested. As an aside, can we give £300 towards a ShelterBox? I thought they were now over £500 each to buy. Maybe we are joining forces with another Club?

    3. Happy to add my approval to the setting up of a Charitable Trust, which is essential when fund-raising.

    On other issues, I ordered collecting boxes for Clubs when we ran the big End Polio Now/Thanks for Life campaign in 2009/10. If you would like me to look at this for the Club, am happy to do that.

    It is my intention to write a series of short articles on Foundation, to help our members better understand how our wonderful charity works. But if anyone would like information prior to the first article getting posted, please say.


  10. Janice Mason says:

    Thank you to Debbie who has offered to order the collecting buckets, but if she has difficulty finding a supplier it’s good to know that Jill has already been down this road and can offer her a helping hand.

    Thanks also to Rachel Davis who has volunteered to be District 1100 Database Administrator for the eClub’s entries.

    A new page under the Welcome title along the top bar has been created with Jill’s 1st Foundation article. This is a really good introduction to the Rotary Foundation for you all to read. As she writes further articles we will add them to this page and let you know when they are there. As this information is being built up in snippets it will make it easier to understand, thank you Jill for doing this for us.

  11. David Brown says:

    Having not logged on for a few days there is plenty to catch up with.

    1. Polo shirts for me as they are more multifunctional and can be smart/cas as demanded. And high vis vests.

    2. I can get hold of as many white buckets as you want, with lids, they are about 15″ dia and 12″ deep. with metal or plastic handles.

    3. Some mention about shoe boxes and Stonehouse, do they need collecting?

    4. informal gathering at the National Trust, Swindon, lunchtime Thursday 9th, who is coming?

    • Janice Mason says:

      I have today put the Swindon lunchtime meeting in my new work contract diary and planning to come. Will let you know by message if the work load increases and I’m not able to make it.

  12. Rachel Davis says:

    I quite like the idea behind the new logo – well done Janice! I don’t think that the mouse needs to be a cartoon one tho – and could the rotary logo be on the screen behing the call for action? (I’m not sure if it would be visible enough) but I was thinking that you could make the screen look more like a laptop?
    Listen to me – big ideas and no knowledge of how to back them up!!

    • Tim Mason says:

      You have to be careful about the Rotary Logo, it has rules as to how it can be used, most of which it mustn’t be integrated into pictures. We also need to show the eClub is fun, I have to say I’m not so sure about the mouse, and the Click for Action I believe is a really good tag line, which could be used widely when promoting the eClub as it illustrates we do things.

    • Janice Mason says:

      Thank you Rachel for your feedback, it produced a lively discussion between me and Tim whilst walking the dogs this morning! The mouse started off as the complete logo in response to someone else’s suggestion, but adding the screen has changed the focus and now is probably the better part to concentrate on. Watch this space!

  13. Sinead Darker says:

    Hi All

    In brief
    Logo – I think its too busy, I would like the Rotary wheel to be bigger, there are too many elements and it’s confusing, particularly when it is going to be a small logo on clothing. The mouse is a nice idea maybe for other graphics but at the moment it looks as though we are some kind of field mouse protection charity! I fully appreciate it is a very difficult task so hope I don’t sound too negative. Maybe just a finger on a tablet /phone screen to show a human element?

    Just wonder if we can get the logo as a badge to iron on to our chosen clothing as we are a small group and everyone seems to want something different? The idea of wearing a school uniform fills me with horror so maybe sash/ tabard would suit some of us better?
    I have no views on the spend of Duck monies
    I agree with the suggestion to establish a charitable trust and I approve the trust document in the form submitted

    • Janice Mason says:

      Mmm, like the idea of iron on/sew on badges as this gets over the issue of everyone’s different fashion tastes and different weather requirements. Something to look into – or does anyone out there know how we can get such a thing. For those not good at ironing or sewing, I’m sure there are members who would offer their services if provided with relevant clothing items! Certainly something to look into, thanks for the idea Sinead.

  14. Janice Mason says:

    Now we are at the end of the month I can confirm that 24 members have renewed their membership for this coming year and 5 have chosen not to. Chloe Mort, Nigel Maud, Sue Amor, Ricky Elliot and Helen Morris have all decided not to renew due to family or business reasons. In this first month of the new Rotary year we have 3 new members joined already, Yvonne Maunder, Lynne Wootton and Michael Nash, who we warmly welcome.

    Please see updated eClub directory under the eClub Notice Board button along the top, where you will also see an updated list of Action Group members with a few changes to balance out numbers in each Group better.

  15. AG-Richard says:

    I wonder if potential new members will appreciate where D1100 actually is, on the newly proposed logo? Perhaps it does not matter, if the membership are happy to extend the geographical area of the membership. I appreciate this only really affects Fund Raising, Community Service and social activities and becoming involved in other local clubs.


  16. Mary Loran says:

    I am not yet a paid up member and am still trying to get to grips with all this. I like the eclub idea but do need to meet face to face with some of you, so I hope to help with the shoe box filling when that happens. As for the way the moneys are spent, it seems fine , I will have more opinions when I have helped raise the funds, perhaps!
    As for clothing I like a polo shirt and a fleece are the most versatile. If you have sew on I would be happy to help anyone in need !

  17. Janice Mason says:

    An informal lunch break meeting is planned for anyone in the Swindon area for Thursday 9th August. Can’t remember if it’s 12 or 12.30, but meeting at the National Trust Cafe near the Outlet Shopping Centre. If you can make it Mary it would. E a good chance to meet some of our members that are close to you.

  18. Mary Loran says:

    So sorry I can’t make that we are off to the New Forest camping , I think there is a pub meeting somewhere on the 16 th August, do you have info about that? We have returned yesterday from a Rotary Family camping week in Somerset, very well organised and enjoyed by all.
    I am helping Royal Wootton Bassett and District organise a Fashion show at the MemorialHall RWB. On the 24th September. How do I advertise this to the eclub ? Tickets are £5, clothes f or sale on the night M&S, and other high street clothes. Doors open 7pm.

  19. Janice Mason says:

    For clarity for new members, Yzanne’s meeting on 14th August is for the Service Projects Action Group, open to all to attend, but to discuss the Action Groups activities.

  20. Rachel-A says:

    Apologies to everyone for being a week late, but I have got here at last!! My responses for consideration
    1&4) I agree with some of the other comments that the logo is too busy, it should stand the test of time and not having us looking back in 5 years asking why we chose it. Simplicity should be the key. You can get over the e-club element without being so obvious about computers and mice, why not type face that is more ‘digital’ in its appearance rather than something pictorial? I also think with any logo you need to look professional or else you do yourself a disservice in publicity, fundraising etc. It also needs to look good in colour and black and white. With respects to T-shirts etc, I would go for a polo shirt at a push but we are virtual club are we not, so why do we need branded clothing? Our community is on-line and we need to build that sense of togetherness through that medium.
    2) Yes agree
    3) Yes agree

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