Weekly programme for week commencing 19th June, can all members of Click 4 Action eRotary encourage other Rotarians to think how we can build Community Assets by developing and sponsoring the Rotary Community Corps across RIBI.

Two years ago some of the members of our eClub were called upon to help another Rotary Club in the town to take a duty on their Father Christmas sleigh which goes around the streets. This was quite an experience as we saw the children really looking forward to this annual event. As our Rotary Clubs are ageing it is important that we continue to undertake some of the wonderful community activities we’ve developed over the years. Is it time to think how this can be achieved?


Modern 21st Century Rotary calls for our thinking and an ability to do things differently to keep traditions going whilst considering how we can grow our involvement in the community and Light Up Rotary to show we are an ageless organisation keeping up with the needs of a modern world.

As eRotary we keep hearing the jokes ‘where do you meet?’ ‘How can it work online?’ However eRotary is a way forward to ensure we are flexible in an ever increasing time consuming world, Rotary is not just for the retired. How do we enable employed people to be involved if they are unable to regularly attend Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner meetings, perhaps its time we meet these needs half way and involvement in Rotary could be a combination of eRotary and traditional Rotary? eRotary has certainly shown it can do Rotary Service, can encourage people to join and can be innovative in the way we move forward in 21st Century. If Rotary is to survive in the 21st Century, then adaption will also mean offering a menu of opportunity to join, again something we in Click 4 Action eRotary have been developing.

Lots of people these days want to volunteer or could be persuaded volunteering is a good thing to do in our communities. Rotary is still quite unknown for what is, does or who can join. So it was with great joy that we found a Rotary International programme that could help develop our ability to get people to experience Rotary, through a voluntary opportunity within our communities. Yes the Rotary Community Corps, a chartered volunteer opportunity that can enhance what Rotary can achieve in projects within our communities, sponsored by local Clubs. Could this be a way we could encourage inter-age activities between Rotary and younger people, help them to achieve their aspirations, while giving them valuable mentoring?


The Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is a team of volunteers who are committed to their community’s long-term development and sustainability.

Aims of the RCC 

  • To encourage individuals to take responsibility for the improvement of their neighbourhood or community
  • To recognise the dignity and value of all occupations
  • To mobolise self-help activities and collective work to improve the quality of life
  • To encourage the development of human potential to its fullest, within the context of the local culture and community

So yes we can carry on doing the Father Christmas Sleigh around our streets, just sponsor a Rotary Community Corps to undertake this project at Christmas; we can continue Car Park duties at major events, a great opportunity to get a RCC helping; clearing up our communities is another good project for the RCC. At the same time Rotary is expanding its awareness amongst the community with an ever increasing volunteer team to give service.


As Click 4 Action eRotary we are proud to have sponsored the first Rotary Community Corps in RIBI to help the community of Malmesbury develop its Flood Defences and Foodbank. We are now involved in recruiting for our second one in Swindon in partnership with other agencies to help with a project called ‘Lets Loop Swindon’ RCC leaflet for Let’s Loop working with the Charity Hearing Links. Partners were really pleased that Rotary could offer a means to really help develop this project.

So yes, we can ensure Rotary helps keep our annual efforts to bring joy to children in our towns and cities with our Father Christmas Sleigh. We have opportunities to expand and grow our organisation if we just begin to see the 21st Century has new needs for our Service above Self and how we get people involved (which is exciting), to enable us to Light Up Rotary during 2014/15 and beyond.

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