Programme for week commencing 23rd April, 2915


Janice and Tim meet Rotary friends from Russia and Singapore and keep in touch by Social Media
Janice and Tim meet Rotary friends from Russia and Singapore and keep in touch by Social Media

What we love about Rotary is the network of friends we have all over the world. Mostly our contact is through Social Media, which if used as a tool to build relationships really works. How do you do this? Just chat to people by writing and exchanging information, so you start to get to know them and build an online relationship.

We want this week to encourage Click 4 Action eRotary members to try getting to know 2 other members over the next week using whatever is best for you:

  • email,
  • telephone,
  • Skype,
  • Social Media,
  • Members’ Forum
  • if you live nearby a coffee maybe.

In your conversations try telling people who you are e.g. your passions, interests and what you like doing in your community, perhaps ask them similar things, so a conversation is natural. For instance ‘William our dog is trying to tell me what to write, I’m sure he thinks he’s being a great help’, my reply is ‘shut up you aren’t helping’.

Meet William whose been helping me
Meet William who’s been helping me

One further thing you might be interested in doing to get to know our members is to have a trawl through past programmes on the Home page of the website. Lots of our members have written some really good information when interviewed by Rotarian John Isles.

So good luck in your conversations and let us know how you got on. Also this week please join in with our Business Meeting in the Members Forum.

News in Brief

We have updated our We are eRotary (landing page on the website) so everyone is aware of who the current Click 4 Action eRotary Coordinating Team 2014/15 are, you might like to get to know them first.

Secondly we’ve also update the Let’s Loop Swindon page to indicate where people can find Hearing Loops that are working. In the members’ forum Rotarian Paul Jackson has updated everyone on his efforts to get Let’s Loop the Cotswolds underway. The Let’s Loop project is an initiative we might, as Click 4 Action eRotary, suggest be run in other parts of the UK in partnership with other Rotary Clubs, certainly we would want to help during the Let’s Loop Awareness Week 2nd – 8th November, 2015.


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