addressing Rotary club China town-usaJohn Isles’ conversation this week is  with Sunil Prakah an experienced and committed Rotarian who has recently joined the eRotary family.  Learn more here about Sunhil and his ambitions and dreams for Rotary in the 21st century.



John: Sunil welcome to our Rotary Talk programme Can I start by asking you to tell us about yourself.

Sunil: I was born on 5th June 1950 in Delhi. My family were business people but I preferred to develop by myself and my efforts, so I chose a different path to my Dad. I started working for a textile marketer and then shifted to the corporate office to develop a Management Information system after completing my MBA in Finance. I loved change. Change in life, profession and work as I believed in challenges.
After 16 years with this company, and finding no further growth, I decided to quit and take up another challenge. I ventured with a friend to learn exports in jewellery, and I am still doing this today, manufacturing Judaica items for the Jewish company in Israel.
I am married to Anju and enjoy life with two daughters and one son. My eldest daughter is married and settled in USA, while my son is with Google. The second daughter is with me working as branding manager with Uniglobe.

John: How did you become involved in Rotary?Installation ceremony with family

Sunil: Social service has been my forte since childhood. I have been associated with various National social service clubs when in school and college. I joined Jaycee and then Lions Club and worked at district level. I also continued with other National social organisations like Leprosy society, Rajasthan Club etc. I had heard a lot about Rotary and its work. I was invited to join about 2 years ago
After 6 months of joining, I was pushed into becoming President of the next year, 2013-2014. During that year the main focus was to make the club a real eClub. I had opportunities to give talks on this to other clubs of my district 3070. I started the networking with foreign members on Skype, ‘Anytimemeeting’. Video chats, group discussions, Board meetings and projects were discussed face to face on Internet among 10 members at a time. My great achievement was to train my club members for internet meetings and they started enjoying these. I am also a PHF.

John: What interests do you have outside your working life and Rotary?

A65FB218-DCDC-4B0B-A52F-F5CDC703B2FFSunil: I am strong consumerist. May be my idealistic nature, I feel when one is paying full amount for their purchases or services, they have a right to get value for money. We run our website, where we get lot of complaints from consumers and we solve the same through e-mediation. E-mediation is our own generated process where we do not visit either the consumer or the Industry, but mediate through internet only. Our success rate is very high, very low cost, time and efforts. With the Social media it has become easier, as no company wishes to be dragged to the masses.

Hypnotherapy – another interesting area of my work. The theory goes and so does my thinking that time is there; one needs to manage it fruitfully. It is your own thought process which is your guiding force for all aspects of life. What you think, happens. Hypnotherapy is scientific. It is backed with many scientific experiments, daily which have no answer in medical science, what we call miracles, I continue learning with each client I handle and get a sense of satisfaction when I hear that they feel so good after healing. This healing without any medicine, just a change in their thought process, making them realise what was wrong, why was it and be loving towards their own life. They have to care and love themselves first.  This fascinated me so much that I am a certified trainer for Hypnotherapy. More can be read at our website

John: In the UK we are always amazed how passionate the Indian communities are about cricket. If the same passions could be extended to Rotary how do you see Rotary achieving the goals you would like to see achieved?Blood donation camp

Sunil: Cricket is a game, a passion a source of entertainment. It has become more of commercial activity and is loosing its charm now.
All those who join Rotary are committed to it, since it is only by Invitation. We look for serious persons, dedicated to the cause. My only worry about Rotary is the call to expand, increase members, open new clubs, and finally the money power. This will spoil the currently on-going work and will drag Rotary to the same fate as of other International organisations.

Rotary should maintain pace. Get more dedicated people, recognise them not by money contribution but by physical work. Personal and physical involvement and dedication is what is required. Projects should be more on these guidelines and members awarded, recognised and publicised.

Rotary club San fransciscoThat will be real Rotary and achievement of the goals. With this digital age, we are losing personal touch. We are getting away from each other. I would like to see the projects where personal activities are the most important. The physical involvement of the Rotarian, spending his time with the needy is my dream towards the achievement of Rotary activities.


John: Sunil thank you for sharing your insights with us.

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