If people have read my message at the bottom of the last thread you will know.  But for others that may not have ventured that far I wanted to make sure everyone had seen that unfortunately, the animals and most of the staff will not be at the farm on the 21st as they are doing promotional thingy in the centre of Gloucester.  Therefore I am proposing that we go the week after – the 28th July.  How does this fit in with everyone?

Thought it might be nice to bring a picnic and then we could discuss what we have thought either on the field next door or if the weather isn’t great or we want a chair, the church next door to that!  suggestions?

Equally if we want to live the high life, Ivy’s cafe is brilliant for all food Jamiacan and English!

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0 thoughts on “New date for City Farm Visit! Sorry

  1. Katharine says:

    I am juggling a lot of stuff right now and its probable that I will be out in Norfolk that week and the kids at their grandparents in Norwich.

    I’ll let you know if I am free…I really would like to visit the farm and I know Ellen and Jim would too.

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