Don’t forget we are now collecting Second Hand Books for the National Trust Croome Court Bookshop, after our trip to Italy we will make a trip up there to take the books. Our Baby Clothes collecting is going well thank you to everyone who is helping. Don’t forget the Shoe Box packing on Saturday 20th October at Debbie Vincent, please contact her if you can go, it will be great fun. David Brown brown continues to collect old mobile phones. Diet is still going well for Duck Pond and we are talking to Shelley Jenkins about getting this project going. Discussions are taking place with Lorna Breslin Was Poynter about helping the Shop Project and the Autism Awareness Workshop in March. Plus we are planning to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation in February as part of Heart Month, Rachel Davis is currently working on the Virtual Ballon Race for us to do this. We will also be looking for people shortly to start testing our new website. So much going on, plus four new provisional members this week, it is a great time at our E-Rotary. Keep the 18th May 2013 free as this will be our President’s and Charter Celebration Event – a visit to Dartley Farm and tour, Cheese and Wine Tasting, plus a talk on India from Maria Baalack-Christoffersen after her trip to be part of the Polio project, all funds raised in support of Foundation.

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  1. Mary Loran says:

    Life gets in the way sometimes, I am afraid I cannot help with the shoe boxes and I cannot make the 18th of May as that is John’s Presidents night unless the President’s and Charter celebration is in the day then maybe I can come for a short time, here’s hoping?!

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