Members might like to visit our recent Click for Action – News Update  (, please help share this on social networks and with friends. As it is showing how the eClub is taking action and undertaking projects.

Proposed eClub visit to Italy
An eClub visit to Italy has been proposed, this will be a long weekend, which aims to help members get to know each other, through exploring the Alessandria area of Italy. Proposed dates 3rd My to 6th May 2013

Zone Meetings – as an eClub we are part of Zone 7 the Zone meeting will take place on 28th January at the Queens Hotel, Cheltenham at 6.45.p.m. (see eClub Noticeboard for more details). Zone 5 Greater Swindon meeting will take place on Thursday 24th January at Blunsdon Hotel, again details will be posted on eClub Noticeboard when available.

Rotaract Hub – after a meeting with Tracey our eClub Youth Officer and Steph Brander a young woman attending Bristol University, we a going to try to set up a Rotaract Hub for people 18 to 30 years, linked to our eClub. Please help us to promote this through Social Media connections you have or in Further Education Colleges or Universities, or to other young people you know in your communities. A Rotaract Hub Facebook group has been established initially to see what happens.

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  1. Tim Mason says:

    Ops I’ve dropped a clanger, the Italy trip can’t be on the suggested dates, as the 4th May is the Festival of Rotary and I’d like us to be there promoting E-Rotary. I know a lot of members were interested in the Italy adventure, could people suggest the best month and we see what the majority time is best.

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