Week beginning 8th November programme

This week is once again an open meeting, a chance for people to post what’s been happening with voluntary work they are undertaking in their community, or updates about the eClub projects or something that you might think will be of interest to members. We also want to use open meeting weeks to try to create a way of building relationships in the eClub. So on our Facebook page Tina has suggested we try themed weeks, our theme for this week as part of the open week programme will be Italy, we are suggesting posts could be about:

  • places you like in Italy and why
  • how to do things in Italy
  • things you like about Italy
  • images and perceptions of Italy
  • fun things to do in Italy
  • Italian wines and food to try
  • Italian musicians, authors and artists
  • or anything else Italian….

We look forward to seeing our first themed week, lets have some fun!

On our Linked In Discussion Page we’d also like to encourage some interaction, as there are some people only on this Social Media. So we want to run the following question, for discussion. ‘Currently we seem to be able to attract more women to join our eClub, does this show that woman are more inclined to embrace change then men?’ Do join in with this discussion on Linked In.

Finally it was a pleasure for President Tim to be invited by Lorna to the opening yesterday of the Uplands School Charity Shop and Cafe, which the eClub has been supporting through Dave. They are very proud of the equipment Dave was able to get for them to help get the shop up and running. We want to continue our involvement and we know there are one or two members who’d like to volunteer. President Tim has volunteer application forms, please let him know if you’d like to help. Plus can we collect the following items for selling in the shop:

  • shoes
  • clothes – all sizes
  • toys
  • evening wear
  • bric-a-brack

Do also visit the shop to purchase hand-made note books made by the pupils or try the delicious cakes, President Tim’s mouth was watering, but his diet held fast! While at the opening Lorna was promoting E-Rotary and telling people of the eClub’s involvement.

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0 thoughts on “November Open Meeting

  1. Debbie Vincent says:

    Lorna, Well done, what an achievement, I will be in next Wednesday with my grandson for a coffee and I will bring some things for you to sell. I will be pleased to help out in the shop but before Christmas is not possible for me as alreadyheavily committed! I will speak with you next week. What are the opening times please? Enjoy the success of your new venture!!!

    • Tim Mason says:

      The opening times are 10.00.a.m to 4.00.p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 10.00.a.m. to 2.00.p.m. Tuesday and Saturday. Debbie would you like a volunteer form, as you will need to have a CRB Check, so you can get it being processed now.

  2. Tim Mason says:

    While at the Uplands School Shop yesterday, it was great because myself and Lorna were talking to various people about our eClub, there was real interest.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi everyone! I think that the themed week dedicated to Italy is a fantastic idea! It gives me the precious opportunity to share with you a few information about my land. Just a question. It this the right place for posting or is there a dedicated section elsewhere, where I can share videos, picts and thoughts? Many thanks!

  4. Sinead Darker says:

    Well done to Lorna! A very exciting opportunity for her pupils 🙂 I have seen something similar in the way the cafe works at john Moulton Hall so I am confident the cafe will be successful.

  5. Heather says:

    Places you like in Italy and why

    I’ve been to Rome only, which I loved, but am keen to visit much more of the country

    Things you like about Italy

    Food, culture, weather, scenery…

    Images and perceptions of Italy

    My perception is of a nation with fairly traditional family values, a strong emphasis on style, a tremendously rich cultural heritage, chaotic politics and many colourful figures

    Fun things to do in Italy

    I was nine when I went so don’t recall exactly what we did! Unless you count driving through one tiny corner on our way from Alsace to the Rhoneglacier.

    Italian wines and food to try

    Waiting with bated breath for recommendations to follow 😀

    Italian musicians, authors and artists

    Composer Domenico Zipoli, author Andrea Camilleri (creator of Salvo Montalbano)

    or anything else Italian…

    The extraordinary buildings that form the backdrop to everyday life – I thought we did well on that score in Britain, but Italy always looks beautiful, from every angle!

    • Tim Mason says:

      Hi Heather,

      Myself and Janice love Italy, we have some excellent connections through Rotary in Italy and now we have two provisional members in Italy who were Group Study Exchange Students to District 1100, Erika and Lisa. Lisa works for a Tourist Consortium in the North of the country and is excellent and telling you how beautiful things are and what to see. We also have a really good Inner Wheel friend in Turin.

      We wondered if anyone in the eClub next year would be interested in a long-weekend visit to Italy?

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