Rotary International has designated October – Vocational Service Month, so during this month we want to put our members’ vocations at the heart of our eClub development. To see the programme go to ‘Has Rotary forgotten about vacation?‘, this gives a clear indication that vocations and vocational service are key elements of Rotary.

We hope during this month, members of the eClub will share their vocations with all of us, their plans, hopes and aspirations for how these will be developed in the coming months and years. We also need to consider how we can use this rich store of skills, talent and experience in how we develop our eClub operations and activities. How can we help each other in the development and furtherance of our vocations in the service we give our customers and communities in which we live?

This month we also welcome some new members to our eClub:

Eoin McCarthy

Janette Massey

Rachel Davis

and we look forward to getting to know them and for them to help in the early days of developing this new eClub.

Yesterday we spent sometime with Dave King talking about marketing strategies for recruiting purposes, we discussed who the target  groups could be e.g. women, people with disabilities. During the conversation we discussed what were considered Rotary Vocations or not. So it’s important that members think about ‘what do we consider as a vocation’ and who should be eligible to join our eClub.

Hopefully this months programme will help us all get to know each other better and help in the building of the relationships needed to work as part of the eClub’s Team.

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