Programme for the week commencing 26th February, 2015

FlexibilityFor those who are not familiar with Rotary, individuals who are members can only belong to one Rotary Club and emphasis is very much placed on attending weekly a relevant meeting or activity. As we view our modern society the regular attendance to a breakfast, lunch or evening dinner, is becoming increasingly more difficult, due to family or work commitments or both. The creation of eRotary where people can belong to an online opportunity to be a Rotarian is now an option, but people do like the physical meeting to enable them to build relationships.

In eRotary we maintain that we have a really good way of connecting with each other, we have fun, we undertake community service projects and we build really good relationships, all through our contact on the internet. All this is achieved in the time that suits us and allows us to get on with our busy lives.

Opportunity-buttonAs Rotary develops over the next few years it needs to consider how all opportunities to be part of this international service organisation can ensure the idea that weekly physical meetings can be complimented with an online element. We’ve achieved 110 years of Service in our local and international communities, how can this be continued in the next 100 years?

We believe we have an answer and offer, you can have the best of both worlds. Stay a Rotarian as a member of your regular or traditional Rotary Club and become an affiliated member of Click 4 Action eRotary. For just £3 per month, which includes being part of our eDraw, you can be linking into Rotary through eRotary and when time permits continuing to help the Club where you are a member. Experience eRotary wherever you are, at whatever time 24/7, a great opportunity to be a Rotarian by being in one Club, keeping those friendships made over time, and affiliated to another.

click 4 action

For Rotary to survive another 100 years, it is realistic to offer a menu of opportunity. That is why as Click 4 Action eRotary we believe this partnership offer could really help retention of Rotarians, whilst releasing them of the worry that time and capacity is precious. Yes, the best of both worlds can be achieved.

Interested in working in partnership with us as a Rotary Club or interested in joining us as an affiliated member then

email us at:

For our members this week it is our regular business meeting and we hope you will drop into that meeting in the Forum over the 24/7 and help in developing our projects and activities.

BalloonsPlus all who read this week’s programme don’t forget to promote our virtual balloon Race for Water and our Cheese & Wine Event to help promote Let’s Loop Swindon on the 14th March, 2015wine


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