Programme for week commencing 13 June, 2013

President Elect Janice says: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and given feedback on our eClub’s Plan for 2013-14.  We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Rotary@1100 Plan 2013-14

Building relationships on Charter Event
Building relationships on Charter Event

The first year of our eClub has laid some fantastic foundations for us to build on, which means that as we continue to grow there is something for everyone and still room for flexibility and spontaneity. On this basis our strategy is:



Aim & Focus:- Continue to build­ on the foundations, enabling development in a flexible and spontaneous way.


  • Roles and responsibilities throughout the eClub to be coordinated, linked to members’ passions, so that each member is supported and not working in isolation.
  • Members’ confidence and expertise of doing Rotary online strengthened.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in the continued development of our internet activity.
  • Continuity of year-on-year work where members are working together to support their local community, whilst listening and valuing new ideas as they arise.
  • Be able to respond, be spontaneous and communicate developments to build all members’ understanding of the projects being backed.
  • To enable growth of E-Rotary through eClub activities, in partnership with Rotary around the World and other organisations.

Key to us continuing to flourish is building our eClub network, getting to know each other, what we do, what our passions are, sharing knowledge and skills.  Being in touch with E-Rotary clubs around the World has shown us that this is where a lot of clubs struggle and it is emerging that clubs that use all kinds of contact, in particular the more personal forms of contact, are the ones that flourish the most, even if their members are spread around the World.  Our website is developing to be more accessible and fluid, which will enable us all to work closer together and for you to be involved in the parts of the plan that spark your imagination.  We then need to build our social media skills to effectively communicate to each other and to the World at large.

Getting back to Rotary basics is an integral part of the plan: Business networking, promoting ethical business practice, personal well being and skill

Last year we raised the funds, this year in November we need to build the Duck Pond at Gloucester City Farm
Last year we raised the funds, this year in November we need to build the Duck Pond at Gloucester City Farm

development.  By understanding things like the Transition Movement, Community Asset building, Microfinancing and by working in partnership with other organisations, we can be proactive in community facilitation. We can all play a part in meeting the 2050 carbon emissions target, let’s start now.

Building diversity will bring a richness to our network.  Rotary can play an important part in positive ageing and we plan to develop Inter-Age through using intergenerational activities.  We have appointed our first President for our Rotaract Hub and look forward to working with this emerging group.  Our Interact Club, based in Uplands Special Needs School, is already working on two major projects alongside our members.  Following on from our support of the Worcester Literary Festival Young Writers Competition, we will be running our own competition in November.

Everyone including Interact, Rotaract and Rotarians helping to raise awareness and funds for this project.
Everyone including Interact, Rotaract and Rotarians helping to raise awareness and funds for this project.

We have a rich plan that allows for your varying passions and gives a breadth of activities that you can choose to be involved with, and it goes without saying that all new ideas are always welcome.  To see the full plan under the Club Programme Forum, login at the Members tab. If you are not a member of Rotary and would like to have the opportunity to be involved in our network, contact us using the Join Us tab.

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