Today is World Polio Day 24th October, Rotarians with other partners world wide have nearly succeeded in wiping out this disease.  There are only three more countries to achieve this goal, help End Polio Now.


Click 4 Action eRotary is undertaking a number of projects to raise funds towards this Rotary Foundation project, please help us:

  • To collect unwanted or unloved Neckties, please visit Rotary Tie Hunt.
  • How did you meet your partner, is it a story you would like to share with others? This can help with our Love to End Polio project.
  • Our Uplands Interact Club has produced a quilt to raise funds for ending Polio, tickets are £1, draw will take place at Christmas.


Finally why not join the Live Stream and follow throughout the day, don’t forget to spread the message and get friends involved.

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