Programme for week commencing 10th May, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Kevin’s input in regards to our website revision, it has been a really encouraging week in the eClub as we’re starting to gain some momentum. Our meeting place – the website – is important, we now need to use as as a tool for getting on with doing Rotary. District Governor Elect, David Houghton has asked Clubs to set their Goals for 2012/13, as he wants all of us to go for Gold.  To help this process, President Tim has written to all the eClub Action Group coordinators, proposing some Goals for their groups. These Goals will help focus the planning for our plans for 2012/13 which will be presented at our eClub Assembly during the week commencing 21st June.

So that everyone is kept in the loop with the proposed Goals, they are published here, if you have comments or further suggestions for Action Group coordinators please leave them below, once we have adopted the eClub Plan for 2012/13 at the eClub Assembly, the whole eClub will need to work towards making them happen. So our discussion now is vital, as we want our Rotary District 1100 eClub to achieve Gold in 2012/13 and be proud of all we have done.

eClub Membership Action Group

  • to increase our membership by 10 new people
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to develop the mentoring scheme perhaps with eClub members becoming mentors
  • to work with PR Action Group on localised membership campaigns and with other Rotary Clubs in the District

Service Projects Action Group

  • to develop and run one International Project
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to develop and run one national project
  • to support the Cafe & Shop project with Swindon Special Needs School
  • to explore opportunities for involvement of young people

The Rotary Foundation Action Group

  • to raise funds for End Polio Now Campaign
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to learn more about the work of Acorns Childens Hospice (seeking possibly a District Simplifed Grant)
  • to help develop knowledge within the eClub about the Rotary Foundation’s work
  • to explore opportunities for young people

eClub Public Relations Action Group

  • to run at least three local campaigns for recruitment in conjunction with the Membership Action Group and local Rotary Clubs
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to promote positive mental health
  • to develop relationships with the local media
  • to develop relationships with business groups in the community
  • to develop eClub social networking

eClub Administration Action Group

  • to ensure we produce an eClub Budget and account for funds in a proper way
  • to run something in year which will help engage members
  • to get the eClub Charitable Status in place and have opened a Charity Account
  • to refresh the website and make it more eClub friendly
  • to coordinate the eClub weekly programmes and calendar of events and activities

These Goals will help us focus our planning in the next few weeks, to enable us within the next year to continue building the eClub foundations and relationships.  By undertaking activities together, the eClub will grow in strength, develop better friendships and have lots of fun doing Rotary, rather than just talking about it.

Still keep your ideas coming in, but bear in mind these Goals and how your ideas can help to achieve them.  To remind you which Action Group you are in for 2012/13 please see post below called Preparations For 2012/13.

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0 thoughts on “Proposed eClub GOALS for 2012/13

  1. Lorna Breslin says:

    This is fantastic!
    Can I just say thank you for the email I have recently received from Dave Brown and Tim regarding an offer of help towards the Uplands School charity shop project.

    The project was spotted on here (this website) under the Service Projects Action Group heading which demonstrates how important it is to keep this website going as well as the Facebook page.

    Thank you so much


  2. Janice Mason says:

    There has been an eerie silence this week, hopefully it’s a sign of deep thought in response to the proposed goals! It will be good to have the chance to talk to some of you at the Charter Event about ideas, which we can then feed back. Understanding how best to coordinate the Action Groups is my concern (and I think that will be different for each one depending on the individual members), I would be pleased to hear from members of the Administration Action Group how you would prefer to ‘meet’ to agree how we put our goals into practice.

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