Weekly Programme week commencing 5th December, 2013

Rotary’s current campaign to promote itself announces ‘We’re for Communities’, with this goes a great video, see below.


We want to really make ‘We’re for Communities’ something that Rotary is associated with by emphasising the need to put the ‘C’ back into our communities, e.g. the community Caring for each other.

So in this week’s programme we would like all those who read it to consider how do we put CARE at the centre of community life. With the diminishing Council budgets and the need for a more localised response, how can we as Rotarians help to develop more sustainable communities with much emphasis on CARE?

One way that Click 4 Action eRotary is endeavouring to do this is through the establishment of the Rotary Community Corps a group of volunteers who can be associated to Rotary, but can help specifically in practical community projects. Currently we are developing a team in Malmesbury to help with Flood Defences (and other projects) and we would like to develop one in Swindon to support the Life Education Classroom being taken around schools.

Please consider how Rotary can help facilitate a community that is proactive in responding to the needs of the lonely, vulnerable or assisting our schools in community interaction. How can we ensure our communities are safe, encourage enterprise and stand out for a spirit of caring for people, the environment and making people feel welcome if they visit?

Yes putting the ‘C’ back into communities rests on us all thinking, planning and taking action to encourage everyone to be part of something that makes a difference locally. Please comment if you have specific ideas as to how we can put the ‘C’ back into Communities….

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0 thoughts on “Putting the ‘C’ back into Community

  1. Rtn Dr Mainak says:

    Why are we thinking anew to Care for the Community? At Rotary, we do already care about and serve the community through various channels, RCC being one important channel among those.

    Do I sound naive?

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