Programme for week commencing 7th June, 2012

Whilst in Canada, Club President Tim and Club Secretary Janice were surprised and encouraged that the Rotary Four Way Test was highlighted so much within the District 7820 Conference and in the Rotary Clubs they attended. One Club had ensured that each Club Member has the Four Way Test on display in their Office or Work place, in order to encourage ethical work practices by the Rotarians and those whom they manage. Could this be something we endeavour to achieve as the District 1100 eClub during the Rotary Year 2012/13?

The Four Way Test

This test, which has been translated into more than 100 languages, asks the following questions:

Of the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

We need to ensure that Rotarians instigate the Four Way Test showing that their work offers high quality and that people can always expect this standard from their business dealings with them.

It has never been needed more than in our current economic climate, that Ethical Business or Work Place practices we offer our customers are guided by the questions asked by this Test. By using these questions we can ensure good quality, that customers and workers are treated with respect and understanding and that all of our actions are for the good of all concerned.

As part of this week’s programme we can consider how we can make these questions our practice in all we do at work, at home, in our leisure pursuits and within our Rotary experience.

District Governor Elect David Houghton, in his message to everyone, is keen that we consider the needs of our customers and what we offer them. What better way to do this than ensuring that we consider The Four Way Test as a working tool in all we do.

While attending the Rotary Club of Ottawa, we heard about an application of an ethical business practice from a very passionate speaker, who had set up and managed four Body Shop’s in Canada (worth just saying here that she was at the time of buying the franchise a young immigrant who had dropped out of university twice, but was so motivated by the Body Shop concept she recognised this opportunity and was determined to go for it).

  • In everything she did she questioned ‘what is the added value we offer our staff and customers?’
  • She managed the shops and staff encouraging a learning culture, where people were listened to, encouraged to give ideas which were all acted on and the whole working environment was a positive culture.
  • She approached everything with the attitude that everyone would contribute naturally and felt empowered to do so.
  • Everything done was reflected on, both by herself and the staff, which in turn fed into continued positive development.
What was recognised at the Rotary meeting was that this was Rotary in action, even though she was not a Rotarian.  So how can we all make the 4 Way Test real, not just words?

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