Programme Week commencing 9th February

We think it is important our celebration of becoming a Rotary eClub continues for the next few weeks as it was quite a momentous occasion. However as Rotarians we ought to be considering the next steps we need to take to build up, out, down and around as we progress our development. It is best we do this in small steps, as we build our relationships with each other and learn what works best for us all.

So what needs to be done?

  • Getting used to loging into the website each week at whatever time suits you best.
  • Getting to know each other, through the website, Linked In, Facebook and perhaps for some Twitter.
  • Help us promote the new District 1100 eClub by retweeting messages and ‘sharing’ on Facebook and Linked In where possible, the more people doing this will show we aren’t a one person affair, but a team working together.
  • Ask questions of your mentor about what you are unsure about in regards to Rotary and always feel you can ask questions about our eClub website to Janice our Secretary.
  • Do make sure you accept the Friendship Requests on the eClub website, as this allows others to contact you and the Website Admin to invite you to be involved in the groups.
  • By the time we get to formally Chartering the eClub, it will be good if our Forums/Groups are starting to meet to discuss what things the eClub will be undertaking in the coming months.

In the background we are continuing to build the eClub

  • The Club Administration Forum is getting our two Bank Accounts open (the General Account and the Charity Account), once this has been achieved we hope to get Pay Pal up and running, plus BT Donate for Make Up Meetings for visiting Rotarians. They are also working on getting us registered as a Charity.
  • There have been several ideas about some Service Projects we should get going, so this Forum needs to plan when, where and how. One of the main things we need to be ready for is the Rotary Festival in Bristol on Sunday 22nd April, when we have an opportunity to promote our eClub to other Clubs in the District and to the general public.
  • We haven’t done much publicity around our Inaugural Meeting, despite that we are at least the 1st in the UK to have formed an eClub in just a single area (perhaps the world), but perhaps this is best left to our Charter Event, what do people think? So over to the Club’s Public Relations Forum/Group to discuss how we help market Rotary and in particular District 1100 eClub. Were the leaflets we used to recruit people useful or not? What other things do we need to do?
  • This month, on the 23rd February, it is Rotary Day, how can we support the efforts that will be taking place up and down the District to raise further funds for Polio Plus? If you are interested in helping let Tim Mason know and he will find out where you might help, we haven’t time to do our own thing, but by helping others we will be re-inforcing the idea of partnership working with other traditional Clubs.
  • We will need to do some planning for the Charter Event.  The advice from District seems to be this should be a big posh shindig, whilst Shelley has suggested perhaps MacDonald’s as a first for Rotary – it would quite a picture to see the District Governor with his chain of office in a MacDonald’s eating a Big Mac – it would certainly beat his doing the Inaugural Meeting speech from Tim’s bedroom. But joking apart, what do other people think?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will our new District 1100 eClub, we’ve made a good start, now we need to move forward, with your questions, ideas, contributions and above all our ability to do what we can when we can, having fun on the way. Please post your comments   below.

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0 thoughts on “Rome wasn’t built in a day

  1. Rachel-A says:

    Re: charter event, definitely a shindig as my frock hasn’t been out of the cupboard for a while (!), but I think it has to have an e-club twist. Why not have the option for people to Skype in and attend virtually?

  2. Conrad says:

    Getting in the habit of logging in is something we need to do. Ticking the ‘remember’ box is well worth doing, it allows quicker access to your account. As for building Rome, we are at one of the most important stages, the foundations. On these Rome can be built, and if there is the odd fallen brick or wobbly wall, the foundations should hold fast and remain secure. Like Rachel, my frock hasn’t been out for a while :O)

  3. Shelley says:

    Doubt I still fit in my frock! Not sure I agree with frittering money away on posh dinners in these economic times. Definitely has to have a twist! Don’t want to be a party pooper of course, but could we head for something in the middle?

  4. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    Being new and different for the District in the form of an e-club, shouldn’t we try and keep with the theme and do something new and different? I feel we should show we’re there for all ages, all incomes and all backgrounds – include the families of Rotarians, make it affordable to all etc. As much as I like to put my posh frock on I’m not sure it allows for all inclusive.

  5. Janice Mason says:

    I wasn’t sure about getting out posh frocks, but since Conrad has offered to wear his how can we not? That is something I’ve got to see!
    I have to say that I don’t have children and glibly talk about a ‘family event’ without having a clue as to what is a good event for families. Please can all you parents enlighten me as to what buttons need to be pushed to make you say “yes, the children and us will all enjoy that”, is it the practical facilities, activities on offer, things to see, the type of food being provided …..?

  6. Yzanne Martin Hallett says:

    A very good point Janice – no children how would you know?! For me I prefer Saturday things and ideally day time things so I don’t have to worry about them falling asleep in the car and school the following week being a battle due to exhaustion (my kids are 5 and 7). Then a family friendly type event – disco, show of some sort, casual dining/atmosphere/picnic rather than formal and asking them to be good at the table for 2 hours! Finally where they can be kids and play on the ds, kick a football, sit and do colouring, make something, paint something, watch a show and without anyone thinking – what awful children you have cos they need your attention for a minute – they are just children – and mine for sure aint perfect!

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