Programme for week commencing 2nd August, 2012

One of the things traditional Rotary Clubs do is a ‘scatter week’ where Rotarians are challenged to go and visit another Rotary Club, learn how they run their Club and share something about their own Club. So with 61 E-Clubs in the World and still growing, this week we are having a Scatter Week. Below are some links to other E-Clubs, we challenge you to visit one or more, find out all you can about the E-Club/s and report back in the comment boxes below.

  • Are there things we can learn from how they are doing things?
  • What things did you like about their website?
  • Did you connect with any of the members?

If there is anywhere that you can, don’t forget to leave a message of greetings from our members and of course President Tim.

Let us also have a challenge, if you’ve got time find another E-Club not listed below, who can travel the furthest?

E-Club of Latinamerica – District 4200

Rotary E- Club one

E- Club Londondon Centenary District 1130

E-Club NY One

E-Club District 3310

E-Club District 3170

E-Club Southwest USA

E-Club Next Gen, Queensland

Oxford International

E-Club District 3450

E-Club District 5110

E-Club District 7090

E-Club of Bangalore

Have a good trip…



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0 thoughts on “Scatter Week – How far can you travel?

  1. Mary Nettle says:

    I put this on Facebook but Tim asked me to put it in the right place. As I try to do as I am told here it is.

    Mary Nettle 2 August 19:43
    Looked at website for scatter week. It makes sense I must be learning! I looked at E club One which has been an e club for 10 years with an international membership. Based in Boulder Colorado, I tried to do a make up but the form was not international. I wonder if we need a make-up form? I thought it was not a very technological e club no mention of facebook or twitter but I could not log in as not a member. How you do make up if you can not log in I am not sure.

  2. Katharine says:

    I went back to the USA and looked at NY1 expecting it would be in New York City. I was thrilled to find it was based in Utica NY which is a small town upstate,just 2 hours from where I used to live in Rochester NY. Utica is in the depressed “Rustbelt” area of central New York State with a lot of poverty and social deprivation.

    They have an Earthly HQ in the form of the local childrens Museum which is their service project. What great idea to adopt a Museum which can offer meeting space and contacts with people from all ages and all backgrounds.

    The club also supports a girls school in India.

    The website had a welcoming front page and it was easy to visit and do a make up form. But the typeface was too small and difficult to read even with my glasses on !Lots of photographs, but too many with people wearing medals standing around !
    It was a fun visit !

  3. Mary Nettle says:

    Been to another one not far away – Oxford International e club started in 2011 only the 2nd e club (in the UK?) They are using a rotary approved web layout which states they have paid for it on each page. They have a Skype meeting every Thursday at 18.00 and it seems quite a lot make it a face to face meeting as well? They have links to a district but the vat majority of their service projects are overseas. Again no idea how to make up on this site. There is no search function that I could see. Still an interesting exercise.

  4. Janice Mason says:

    I popped over to Southeast America and the Carribean at lunchtime, to an eClub that charted in 2005. Considering they have been going for 7 years there was no feel of any action going on. Everything was inside their website and a minimal amount of advertising on the home page that didn’t really inspire me. To request to be a visitor you had to give a donation and this was more about then processing a make up form, than meeting in fellowship and you could only leave a message if you gave the donation.. I was disappointed and felt detached from the visit. The one thing I did like about their site was an electronic calendar of events app.
    On a more positive note I also visited my old eClub in Goa, India (I transfered to our eClub when we set it up) who charted last year and were struggling initially to get good engagement from their international membership. I do know they lost many members, but have worked hard to build it up again. It is their enthusiasm for Rotary and what it is about that has done this. The front page of their website lists the things they are about to do, as well gives details about what Rotary is wherever you are in the World and it is described in a way they makes you want to know more. Leaving a donation for visiting was totally optional and it was good to leave them a message of greetings from our eClub.

  5. Jill says:

    Sorry Guys + Gals, but I did a conventional scatter visit, to Bristol Breakfast RC. They had a speaker who set up a charity in Nepal, and was seeking funds to build a school way up in the mountains; the children in mountain villages often do not get educated, unless charities like this build a school very local to their settlement. I was one of 5 Rotarians or partners who visited Nepal in March, so we saw first-hand how remote those village settlements are. It was a super Rotary meeting last Wednesday.

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