Programme for week commencing 10th July, 2014

Gary HuangRotary International President Gary Huang has asked us in his year to Light Up Rotary, so this week we consider how might we help to do this and by actively doing so contribute to the aim of Service above Self.

As members of eRotary we have a real advantage in that much of our activity is through using the internet, our appeal this year is that we do more in sharing our Rotary through the various social media platforms we may be using. As an easy first step, just get into the habit each week of visiting the weekly programme published here on a Thursday morning.  Then, depending what you use, you can help promote Click 4 Action eRotary by just pushing the Tweet, Facebook Like or Linked In buttons and adding your personal message if you want to, this draws others to see our programme and we are already Lighting Up Rotary.

Please consider helping our various members to promote Rotary by helping to share the various posts that are being posted. Charlotte is coordinating our Click 4 Action eRotary Twitter Account, can you send her things to tweet about, such as things you are involved in because of Rotary or can you help by retweeting the tweets? Kate is running our Pinterest Account, this is a great way to share photographs of our activities, through the Members Forum Kate will tell you how to post and share. We have a Linked In Account, but need a member to manage it, any offers welcome as here is a great place to engage the business network as well. By helping with these Social Media posts, it will really help promote both our own activities and Rotary.

Here is an example from our Rotary Community Corps Facebook Page:


This week it has been amazing on Facebook, where on our RCC page one of the items has reached 733 people because it has been shared 11 times on different timelines.  Have you visited our Facebook Pages  Click 4 Action Page or our Rotary Community Corps Page? By visiting these pages on a regular basis if you use Facebook, you will be able to see our news, but more importantly if you help by sharing, we will get that news out to so many others.

Don’t despair if you have difficulty with all these Social Media Networks, Rotarian Paul Wilson is offering practical help on his website and through Facebook, take a look and see if it helps you. Paul has been helping our member Dave with his journalism course helping his students to understand how to use Social Media more effectively. Or don’t be afraid to ask Social Media questions in our Member’s Forum, we have lots of members with experience, Charlotte, Kate, James and others to name but a few. This is about learning how to use these important tools for us to help Light Up Rotary.

If we work together helping each other to spread what we do, how we do it and who benefits, the Service we are giving can have a tremendous effect on showing Rotary as a modern Service organisation that puts people and needs at the heart of all it does.

During the coming weeks we will be developing an online silent auction.  In the first instance we need items to auction – can you help? We need to share with people the two projects we want to help, which are the Human and Hope Association in Cambodia and Uplands Educational Trust in Swindon, this helps raise their profile as well so we are really giving great eService. We will then need you to help promote the silent auction and help get bidders to visit it, this will need you to help post on the various social media networks and let us reach the world and help make a difference.

Let’s use our different Social Media Platforms to develop our personal Service, share our eAwareness issues and activities and really be part of the team to Light Up Rotary

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