Week Commencing 11th July Open Meeting

At our recent President’s Event Sinead made a short video so we could start telling people why we’ve joined the E-Rotary. We need to do more of this to spread the message of what we are doing, why we joined and show we are having fun, meeting in different ways and networking with interesting people.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXeSeBvJfX4]

In our Open Meeting this month we want to encourage this week to get to know other eClub members better.  The best way in Rotary to do this is to get involved in our projects or events. How do we do this in an eClub?  Well Janice sums it up in the video, we use our social media to spread the word and engage others in what we are doing.

So here is what we need you to do. Help us promote the exciting project President Janice is leading on ‘Love to End Polio’  and help get your friends contributing to the book, either by sharing through Twitter, Facebook, or on LinkedIn as well as when you meet them physically. Secondly for our efforts towards Polio we  want to use neck ties.  Just when you thought Rotary had given them up, can you help find people who can help sew and make some of the items we have in mind?

President Janice set out a clear path for our eClub to follow and this can be re-visited in the Members Forum.  The best way we will achieve these aspirations is to work together and help to plan and deliver them. Again this needs your involvement within the members’ area, discussing, putting forward your ideas, taking the lead in getting things up and running. Whilst you’re doing this you will be talking to other members and building relationships which is a real key to how Rotary works. We would suggest that to get into the habit of visiting the members’ area you set aside some time each week; it only needs a short time to just peep your head into it and see what is going on.  It’s just like one big conversation.

Finally the eClub provides you with the opportunity to help us publicise whatever we are doing, helping charities and projects we are supporting, with just a Click for Action.  And you can help make a difference. We all need to get used to doing this through our Social Networks e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus. Help share News Updates, the new eBusiness Network, E-Wareness and campaigns such as the current Autism Awareness. If you are not too sure of these Social Media Networks we have members in the forum who are willing to help you learn more about using them.

Let us get to know each other better, build relationships particularly with our new members and starting delivering the Plan that President Janice shared. See you next in the Members’ Forum, so let’s do it, let’s really show that E-Rotary achieves, has fun together and is making the difference in all it sets out to do.

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0 thoughts on “Sharing, Building and Doing

  1. Janice Mason says:

    Polly, thank you for the ties you passed onto me last night and please pass our thanks back to the writers group who all donated to the collection. I have special plans for the silky white one, it will make a very elegant evening bag:0)
    Does anyone else have some sporting themed ties, with the couple I’ve been given a sporty bag would be an interesting design.

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