Now the boss is away, the mice can play….

I was ‘asked’ if I would organise a day out to St James City Farm in Gloucester.  It is a charity that the Club may feel they would like to support over the course of the next Rotary year and a place that is very supportive of the community in Barton and Tredworth, which is in the city centre of Gloucester.

The Farm has recently been taking over by a local group called Gymnation, named after the community gym that they set up, but they are also responsible for the Friendship Cafe and instrumental in encouraging different cultural and religious sections of the City to come together and work for the greater good.

The Farm is going through an exciting building project at the moment to try and make it more sustainable.  More information can be found about the Farm at;

We are thinking that it would be nice if as many of the team as possible could get together and go down to the Farm to speak to the volunteers who are now running it, see Tim chased by the geese and the goats and get an idea of the role that this important resource has on the immediate and wider community.  I guess we would be looking at a date towards the end of June, but I appreciate that people are going to be away or busy as we enter Summer – now that the Sun has finally appeared.

Next to the Farm, is the St James playing field and play park and next to that is my parish Church, funnily enough called St James!  I was thinking that it might be nice if we then met together either at the park or in the church and have a bring and share lunch/ picnic.  I am sure i can pursaude the Vicar to give me the keys for an hour or so, as long as there are no weddings, where we will have access to a kitchen and tolielts etc.

What do people think?  Answers on a postcard please.


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0 thoughts on “St James City Farm, Gloucester.

  1. Jill says:

    Would be very willing to take part in this, Shelley. It was good to meet you at the Charter Day.



  2. Janice Mason says:

    I loved the City Farm when I visited it around three years ago, it would be good to see how it has developed since then and find out how we can support it. We need to agree a date in July so members can get it in their diaries. This is another venue that is good for all ages.

  3. Mentor-Sue says:

    Wonderful idea for Rotary to support this project – the concept of city farms is brilliant; children and young people are given the opportunity to get up close to livestock which they usually have pointed out to them as they hurtle past in cars.

  4. Shelley says:

    Ok bad news everyone! well slightly delayed not totally bad. The animals wont be at the farm on the 21st july as they are needed with most of thestaff to do a promotional thingy in the centre of Gloucester. But Derek the farm manager has offered us the week after – the 28th July or even the 4th or 11th August. but i would prefer for it not to go too far on into the summer as the year will quickly be passing. how do people feel about the new date?

    Really sorry for any inconvenience!

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