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New for Tuesdays

Welcome to a new way to keep in touch through our business connections.  Every Tuesday we will be featuring eRotary businesses to help us find the best products and services.

Networking at the Menzies Hotel SwindonWe are a new business networking group for Rotary members across the world.  We are a friendly and informal networking and referral group who meet online each week.

Rotary International was formed more than 100 years ago in Chicago as a business network allowing business colleagues to work together.  As a result they used the opportunity to carry out a number of charitable activities for the benefit of their communities.

As we meet online there are no joining or subscription fees other than to ask for a small one off donation of between £10 to £20 to cover administration and to promote the eBusiness Network for the benefit of all the members.

Each Tuesday morning GMT we will feature one or two businesses through a written blog or short video presentation.  All the businesses will be featured on the main website which is open to the public with logos and a direct link to your own website.

The idea is to help each other to develop business through networking, exchanging referrals and educational, informative presentations   And for our own members the Business Forum provides ongoing discussions among members to share recommendations and offer referrals.

If you are a business owner or manager and would like to be involved please register your interest here.

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0 thoughts on “The eBusiness Network

  1. David Pratt says:

    I would like to register an interest in joining the eBusiness Network. Has it already been started or is it nearly so, or not nearly so and needs a bit of enthusiastic support to get such things as a format, what people want i.e. objectives, who they would like as a prospect and indeed what they have to offer and its advantages. Do I smell a bit of Excel here. However, being new, please direct me elsewhere to what may already be underway.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hi David
    Delighted to have your interest. What we want to do is have a group of businesses who will first introduce themselves to each other and the public on the Tuesday page. Then we would like the businesses to meet regularly on the page to discuss various businewss interests and to make referrals once you feel comfortable to do so.
    I will send you a template for introducing your business here.
    Best wishes

  3. Mary Hoffman says:

    Hi Charlotte

    Yes I’m interested too … please send me the information I need to get started.

    Kind regards

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Mary

      I am delighted you would like to be involved. We charge a one off fee of £25 towards admin for non Rotarian members but I think joining eRotary might be someting for you to consider. I will send you a template as an idea for for introducing your busines and there is an expectation that you visit each week to share business information and maybe make referrals.

      An alternative to the fee we are looking for company sponsors for the website. Might this be of interest to Hoffman Male? See my sponsorship advert on the front page for the kind of cover we are offering.
      Best wishes

  4. David Pratt says:

    Great, so we are starting from scratch. Well I would support your way forward. What should we do to get all the members who run a Business to consider joining. Is the News page a good place to start? I see we have ‘Business Network’ under categories and I guess this is where we are now. But we don’t yet seem to have raised much enthusiasm so does it need a piece from me suggesting a way forward or should Janice initiate some action or will your template be published to get a bit of momentum. Please let me know.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi David

      Thanks for your enthusiasm and yes we are at the start of an exciting adventure into Business Networking online. All your ideas would be welcomed. Can I ask you to join us on the Forum headed Business Forum where we will be able to discuss how to get going. See you on the Forum.
      Best wishes

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