Just back from a seminar on digital fundraising where some very sharp people shared their experience of charity fundraising using digital media The way that charities reach donors and supporters is becoming ever more sophisticated. One BILLION mobile phones have been sold world wide in the past 12 months and a huge proportion of these are Smart phones : iphones, Blackberries and android phones.. We have a young global population becoming more and more confident about buying goods and services through their phones and using phones to communicate and network. Mobile phone users are twice as active on facebook than pc users. If charities and organisations such Rotary don’t want to be left behind, they need to acknowledge this and seek the opportunity to promote themselves through mobile media. Smartphone apps are essential and all websites need to be mobile enabled. Messages need to be sharp, succinct and exciting. People want to know WHAT a charity is doing, know how they can be involved and see results. Twitter is a powerful tool for reaching thousands of supporters but you need a famous name to make the connections. Practice communicating your charities mission in a meaningful way in 140 characters.
Analyse your website. Keep it under constant review. Find out who has visited it and how long they stayed on the site for. How are people navigating round the site ?
Make the investments and remain forward thinking.
I’m going out to buy an iPad before I get left behind !

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0 thoughts on “The future is mobile !

  1. David-DGE says:

    These are good and helpful comments. Thank you. (Believe it our not some of us older ones also use Smartphone apps which we find very helpful!). I love you challenge of communicating our mission in a meaningful way in 140 characters. I must keep this in mind and have a go. Perhaps throw this out as a challenge to the eCLub for a prize – one bottle of wine. How about it?

  2. Katharine says:

    Brilliant idea. If I put it on the website and facebook pages now, perhaps we could read out the best ones at the charter event on Sunday ? It could raise a few laughs.

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