Janice interviews Lindsey Bush a Group Study Exchange Team Member, week commencing 14th February, 2013

Why did you want to be in the GSE Team?

I thought it was an opportunity for a life changing experience, to see another country and learn through experience.  It’s not just the travel, it’s the opportunity to stay in someone’s home, experience the culture – the breakfast, lunch and dinner.  That’s true learning.

What were your expectations before coming?

I am very busy at work and the thought of having to give up a significant part of my income for a month and the control of my business scared me.  I was uncertain at doing this as part of Rotary, with their control of what I would do and being expected to wear a uniform.  I thought it would be a lot of work, no play and that I would be very tired.

I set my expectations low.  I knew I would be out of my comfort zone, but that you learn through growing.  By lowering my expectations, by expecting the worst which I knew I could handle, I left room to grow and learn within whatever I experienced. If it exceeded my expectations then it would be magical.

My father always said “Don’t promise to over deliver.”  It is better to under expect and achieve more.

So far the experience has far exceeded by expectations.  I was very nervous, getting everything ready, getting finances and my business in order, leaving my family and dog.  I was all a little scary.  It’s not even been a week since I arrived and it’s been the most amazing experience.

You own your own business, why did you think this would be important for your business?

I am working on empowerment, finding common ground between every human being.  To be able to travel across the World, visit a country similar to America where I can really communicate, is an opportunity of a lifetime.  A chance to see how you view things, how you feel about things, the demographics, find the common ground.  To research and compare is valuable.  We’re all the same no matter where we live of where we’re from, so to find where our common ground is opens up more potential to develop business.  By exploring diversity you find common ground and expand the breadth of your understanding to provide viable services.

It has been very good having so many eClub members involved in the Group Study Exchange Programme this year, thanks to: Debbie, Lynne, Yvonne, Kevin and Denise, Mary L, Mary N, Sinead, Jill, Tracey. So this is our chance to celebrate this excellent Rotary Foundation programme that helps young professionals to develop better world understanding.

What would be good is if members who were involved would add their memories of the visit, so that others can learn more about what happened during the time the GSE Team were in District 1100.


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0 thoughts on “The Sparkle of GSE

  1. Lynne Wootton says:

    I had the privilege of meeting with Lindsey during her time spent with Janice and Tim. Her vision of how she wants to develop her skills to help people reach their true potential is inspiring and I felt instantly connected to her. She appears wise beyond her years and the essence of her conversation was thrilling and uplifting. She was supposed to be meeting me to gain more knowledge of the skills of empowerment, however, like all experiences in life, I found that I learned far more about myself and others during our time together.

    I really enjoyed the experience of meeting and discussing sensitive issues with Lindsey. It was the type of conversation that many of us take years to reach together however, knowing that we had a shared interest in providing service to others helped us reach this point much quicker than would usually happen. I thank Rotary, and of course Lindsey, for this opportunity.

  2. Tim Mason says:

    Let me try to write this for the second time, as my post was lost when the internet went down!!

    One of my special moments was being introduced to the Shag Dance, which is very popular in North Carolina and also seeing the absolute shock on the Rotarian’s faces when Lindsey was asking them about willies, really meaning Wellington Boots, we had such a laugh on the way home, once Janice had explained.

    Our Vocational Day was a real experience and I learnt a lot from it, as well as Lindsey, first stop was Kevin showing us around the Youth Offending Team base in Swindon and telling Lindsey about his work, she was really inspired. Then onto to Chippenham to meet Lynne at Costa Coffee, the two were getting on like a house on fire, without any real introduction. Then onto to Wiltshire College in Trowbridge, where Denise the Director of Business and Catering, showed us around the Hair and Beauty Department and explained about the courses that were run in the college. Next stop Tracey’s desk, so that Lindsey could meet out eClub Youth Officer, Tracey help get us into the TLC Beauty Spa down the road where Lindsey had a quick look around. Then off to the Divisional Police Headquarters at Melksham, so Lindsey could meet Angie the Integrated Offender Manager (IOM), we also met Yvonne and the Chief Constable of Wiltshire, who was quite surprised that women could join Rotary. All in all a great day full of so much information that helped in Lindsey’s aspirations ranging from Beauty to empowerment, unlocking the inner beauty to sparkle in life.

  3. Mary Nettle says:

    I had a great afternoon with a GSE member Shelia Roberts in Worcester. As it was a vocational service day I picked her up from the food bank and we went to the countryside centre for lunch- Welsh rarebit with Worcester sauce of course. We then visited Shrub Hill Workshop which is an NHS rehabilitation and educational facility for people with mental health problems. it is run by the health and care trust with dedicated and caring staff. Shelia was very impressed with it and what health funding can provide in England. I took her back to her hosts in Evesham in time for another social event at Deffford. she feels she is having a wonderful time and is still very enthusiastic. I am going to the farewell dinner and hope to see lots of you there. North Carolina has a fantastic climate and the Atlantic is warm enough to swim in can you imagine. Reposted from the facebook page

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