Programme for the week commencing 31st July, 2014 in preparation for August – Membership Development month.

As we consider how Rotary International evolves as an organisation in the 21st Century, let’s build on last week’s programme of growing our membership. Is it time to think about building new networks of people who are joined together through their passions, interests or skills, instead of being based on an outdated Club approach? Already quite successful in Rotary are the various Fellowships, that draw Rotarians together to share their specific interests e.g. Travel, Scouting, Music, Singles, Caravaning, etc. We also seem to have a range of Action Groups with specific emphasis on world wide issues e.g. Against Child Slavery, Action on Peace, etc. So it shows people are willing to join this type of network and there is a need.

Work on Malmesbury Foodbank
Work on Malmesbury Foodbank

Perhaps to attract new people to get involved in a service organisation we need to evolve, find out the interests of people living in our communities e.g. environment and conservation, health and wellbeing, learning and development, form a network and get people to become members of the Rotary Network of a ‘Specific Issue or Action Group’. People will join things which they feel passionate about and in which they can really make a difference. People also need to feel they are joining something which has focus and they understand what can be achieved by working together.

Some good examples could be:

  • starting a Foodbank
  • working on Flood Defences
  • helping to audit Hearing Loops in towns
  • litter collections
  • community safety
  • speed watch or street watch

The list is endless and we want to encourage more Rotary Clubs and Rotarians to consider what their communities need.

Training for RCC Members to Let's Loop Swindon
Training for RCC Members to Let’s Loop Swindon

Funny enough Rotary International doesn’t need to look far to get organised in this way and attract people from our communities to join Themed Rotary, the Rotary Community Corps  (RCC) provides an ideal vehicle to attract new people to work on specific tasks and be instantly part of the Rotary Family.


We believe this can really engage new people into the Rotary Family, it can focus our efforts to be action takers in our communities. In the long-term it can help Rotary evolve into a network of Service Action Groups that help build on community assets of the people who live in them, whilst finding solutions within and sustainable outcomes.

We believe that the Rotary Community Corps can attract ordinary people with a vast amount of talents, skills, experience and passion to join together in our communities and do extraordinary things. Yes that really is the Magic of Rotary….Come Join Us


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