Programme for week commencing 14th March, 2013

In a couple of weeks myself and Sinead will be attending the District PETS (President Elect Training Scheme) to understand what our responsibilities are once we become your President (myself from July this year and Sinead from July 2014).  We need to be planning now for the next Rotary year/s and I wanted to go to the training with some thoughts about what we want to do as an eClub.

Our focus needs to remain on Service above Self, being change makers in our communities and on how we can use the internet to broaden our world understanding, encouraging peace.

Here are my initial thoughts, what do you think?

There are some things from this year’s plan that naturally will continue and are part of our ongoing development plan.  There are other activities that would also be good to continue to enable consolidation and member involvement, especially where members have passion for what we are achieving within our local and international communities. For example:-

  • Interact Club at Uplands School, including volunteering in their charity shop and providing 2nd hand items for sale in the shop.
  • Collecting 2nd hand books for Croombe Park Estate.
  • Supporting British Heart Foundation events. Do we want to run the Virtual Balloon Race again next year or try something different?
  • Awareness raising days e.g. Diversity, Mental Health and following up our work on Autism Awareness.
  • Filling Christmas shoe boxes.
  • Running the Young Writers competition.
  • Doing the physical work in partnership with YOT and completing the Gloucester City Farm duck pond.
  • Supporting the development of the E-Rotaract.
  • Continue to develop our website and improve how we interact with each other online.

There are ideas being put forward for new projects. This needs to take into consideration our whole membership base, being careful not to become centred on any particular area. There is also a need to continue to be creative and innovative in how we develop our activities in recognition that we are part of E-Rotary.

Let me know what you think about these activities and also any other ideas that you have.

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0 thoughts on “Thinking ahead for 2013/14

  1. John Isles says:

    Having been through the PETS process twice in a “traditional” Rotary environment, planning the year ahead is vital and I totally support continuation of the successful programmes we already have in place and building on those as we move forward. Whilst we should always be aware of new opportunities, we should also guard against spreading ourselves too thinly particularly when we are not meeting in a “phsyical” capacity as the traditional Rotary Clubs do.

    Perhaps a Club or the District may have an existing or new programme we can latch on to. That has two benefits. Firstly, it awakens the die hards in Rotary to underdtand we have an E.Club willing to help and secondly, exposes us to more situations where we may come in contact with likely candidates to join our e,club. That can also link with developing an E.Rotary business network which can then lead on to Open Days.

    5 years ago I ran a Young Drivers competition in conjunction with the Advances Motorists and the Police. That was successful but of course a physical activity which needed hands on support. However, I believe I have seen somewhere a similar thing for young people but played in a virtual world.

    The final thing I have always tried to avoid is the money we raise coming from our pockets. If we rely on that, we may as well all give £50 and stop at home. We need to expose the concept of E.Rotary in whatever form to as many people as possible. Word of mouth is always the best, but other areas can offer a useful backup.

    We also need to encourage those we support to shout about it on their websites. The Autism Society and Uplands School as exaqmples all have websites and should be encouraged to publicise the help and support they have had from us.

    Finally, we need a set of Goals otherwise we can’t measure our success. An easy one is the number of new members we expect to recruit in 12 months. Secondly, How much money do we plan to raise and how? If D1100 is similar to D1170 you will find most have good intentions but no plans and we could lead the way and show them how it’s done.


  2. Sinead Darker says:

    I spoke about the eclub at the district conference and the major positive feedback focused on our diversity – we are seen as “getting out there” in the community, being active even if the effect may be small – the heart of the club is in spanning a large area and a number of projects – all increase exposure of others to Rotary. I am therefore not in favour of being too prescriptive about projects – so long as an individual member has the heart and strength to carry it forward, while getting the support and love of our members:)

  3. John Isles says:

    Hi all, Just had another thought. Do we speak to the outgoing GSE Team about the By definition they are young and the sort of people we are looking for. It’s a missed opportunity by some if not all Clubs and something we might be able to latch on to? Maybe they feel they have some obligation to Rotary? John

  4. Cyril says:

    Hi John,
    The GSE team were enthusiastic users of Facebook. I am Admin for Marlborough & District RC and the stats show a ten fold increase in use while they were staying in our Zone. I regret to say the usage rates have fallen off a cliff and back to normal since they left. The photo of the stats usage graph is on the M&D RC Facebook page on 11th March.

  5. AG-Richard says:


    Your plans are broad and very attractive. You are doing a great deal across all levels of Rotary Service. But, given there has been minimal response to your post last week, do you think the majority of eclub members are engaged in that you are trying to achieve? Or do you think they are happy to be told what to do? In other words do you have a consensus for this plan?

    I will be talking about this at the PETS!!(President Elect Training Session )

    • Sinead Darker says:

      Hi Richard

      You’ve raised a good point, engagement is key. I look forward to discussing this further at the PET tomorrow 🙂

  6. Mary Loran says:

    I am sorry you don’t get it! Just because there are not comments from every member it doesn’t mean we haven’t read it, it more than likely means we agree. At a conventional rotary meeting most people don’t say anything but nod in agreement, a few might stand up and speak, but certainly not all.
    If we didn’t agree we would definately stand up and say so! We are not a lot of sheep following the leader unquestioned . I have the most enormous respect for Tim and Janice and the work they do and have done to get this e club up and running. If you or anyone else has any doubt that this can work come and see it in action at the Interact club, or autism workshop.or one of our meeting when we have fun sharing food , friendship , laughter and how to work our computers and iPads!

  7. Lynne Wootton says:

    I fully support Mary’s comments. I have sat through many meetings (admittedly not Rotary…..I am a woman after all!) and it’s usually the same people who speak……unless someone there might disagree with what’s being put forward and then they will contribute. At other times there might be lots of discussion….with nothing much being said. Some people like the sound of their own voices! The eClub has been set up for busy people who will not always be sitting at their computers waiting to respond to comments. For example I have been out of the country and this is the first time I have had chance to log on since my return. I take offence at the inherent underlying suggestion that most eClub members are sheep being led by a few people. The members I have got to know are strong minded individuals who are, and do, disagree when they feel it relevant to do so. But they are also busy and don’t feel the need to add a comment to the site just to confirm they agree, and just to get their name noticed.

  8. Lynne Wootton says:

    By the way…just to add that we do use other forms of communication methods as well as the computer. We also talk to each other quite regularly!

  9. Sinead Darker says:

    I think Lynne and Mary have raised a good point. At a trad Rot meeting, lots of people will not contribute but they are taking it all in and I guess it’s the same for our meetings! i often read things on facebook or this website, have a really good think about it but not give feedback. Interesting…

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