Following Jennifer Berry’s introduction as our speaker earlier in the month.  John Isles continues to probe Jennifer about the amazing work being done in Nepal through the medium of art.

John: What are the aims of this project?
Jennifer: KIO is made up of 3 parts.

1) International master-class – open to anyone with an interest in visual story telling.
2) KIO Reaching Out – a charitable arm of KIO open only for Nepalese residents. We fully sponsor two places for those Nepalese who otherwise would not have the opportunity to join an International master-class.
3) KIO inclusion for disadvantaged UK.

John: How can Rotary help you achieve your dreams?
Jennifer: We are looking to the Rotary for support for section 3 – inclusion for disadvantaged UK.

KIO is a non-profit, grass roots organisation founded by International award winning photo journalist Edwin Koo from Singapore.  We believe that visual stories should be told and especially visual stories that are empowering. You just need to see Edwin’s work to understand the power of storytelling.


Visual stories can change people lives, they report and cross borders and are a very powerful medium to get important messages across to large audiences.

This year we would like to offer two places on the International master-class to 2 people who would benefit from an experience with KIO.  18+ only.  They do not need to have any photographic experience as we would teach them all they need to know as well as supply them with cameras.
The kind of people we are looking for could be, a graduate who cannot find work, anyone who has found themselves unemployed for any reason, people who are down on their luck, economically disadvantaged or disadvantaged in other ways – the only criteria we would not be able to offer support to, are those with severe physical or mental disabilities. We are very sorry about this but we do not have the support in place ourselves.

The purpose to include disadvantaged people on this project is to boost confidence; give to those who feel forgotten; provide opportunity for them to experience another culture and travel; be included with an international group of people, to challenge and inspire and to provide them with an opportunity to learn new things and to re-discover themselves.
KIO is a very personal inner journey and in many, many ways extremely therapeutic. The journey of working in a foreign land, in one of the poorest countries in the world, with people who are so humble and accommodating is truly inspirational.  To travel a journey, charting a story and uncovering their lives, mostly from extremely disadvantaged people is in itself very humbling.

We are looking for funding at £2000.00 per person. This would include:
A place on the master-class approx. £900 p.p. to include full Hotel board in Kathmandu + breakfast; Meals and spends; Flight approx. £500 – £550 Visas and transport to and from airport UK. Travel Insurance

£2000 is more than the actual cost, however we would feel safer to send people out with that bit more money in their pockets to be on the safe side. Any money left over would of course be returned, or donated to a charity, chosen by the fund raisers. Of course, all monies would be accounted for.

If you would like to help or believe eRotary should support this cause please contact our secretary Tim Mason



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