Lovely time together welcoming Lynne, Mike and Yvonne into the eClub at an informal get together on Saturday 18th August.

Welcome Yvonne to Rotary

We had a great discussion about ideas for projects and ways of raising money, Jill explained about The Rotary Foundation and Jill and Maria discussed Maria’s trip to India in November.

Lynne & Mike are welcomed into Rotary
Smiles together

A time to share something about our lives in work and leisure activities.

We also discussed how we can arrange the farm visit with Ola hosting and Tim started getting sponsors for the diet in aid of the Duck Pond. In all an enjoyable occasion of fellowship and welcome.

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0 thoughts on “Welcome to our New Members

  1. Lynne says:

    Was a very enjoyable lunch discussing all sorts of things including potential fund raising ideas. Thank you Tim and Janice for the instruction sheet on how to fully use the Eclub. However, technophobe that I am I still can’t manage to get to get to grips with where I “hover” to enable me to update my profile etc! Tim – perhaps you can show me when I next see you?

    I am sure that one day it will all seem really easy!

    Thanks to Tim and Janice for arranging the event today.

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