I appreciate that several have said that they are unable to make this date, however, it has been decided that this will be our first visit.  We can then have a look around, take pictures and share with others ready for when we can visit again in more numbers.  there will definitely be 11 as Bec and I and the kids are 9 and Tim and Janice will also be there.  Please if you can come and join us and see the great work that is happening down there.

It has been decided that we will meet at the farm which is on St James Street, Gloucester at 11am and then have a picnic together before going our seperate ways.  it would be nice to give them an idea on numbers, so if you are hoping to get there please let me know below.

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0 thoughts on “Whether there are 11 of us or 50, we are going to the farm on the 28th July!

  1. Shelley says:

    Katharine, it would be lovely to see you again and meet the children. As janice has said it is a brilliant, hands on place for children – young and old! Mine love going down there and in the summer there are always lots of baby animals around to melt even the coldest of hearts.

  2. Jill says:

    So sorry, Shelley. Had meant to join you for this, but a meeting in Bristol mid-afternoon, then (ironically) an evening meeting in Gloucester caused this to slip my mind. Will keep a look out for future events, so hope to meet up again soon.

    Kindest regards


    • Jill says:

      Whoops, thought the farm visit was 3rd July, but it was a comment posted on that date instead! May join you on 28th. Regards


  3. Mary says:

    Apologies first of all for my out of office response showing how I was participating from overseas a bit too often! I am back now and able to make 28th July to find out what a City Farm is all about.

  4. Heather says:

    Hi. We’re off to Devon that day to house-sit for relatives, but I’m wondering if we can combine the two. Will look at the logistics (which also involve my stepdaughter needing to get to a wedding!) and see what we can do.

  5. Heather says:

    It’s all falling apart for next Saturday. We’re now taking extra people down with us, and we have to be there earlier for handover (we’re looking after my aunt & uncle’s holiday complex so quite a responsibility), so we’re going to have to get straight down there for early afternoon. Sorry, on paper it looked ideal, but I had a suspicion that it was just too good to be true!

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