Tim has taught me that Rotary is, or at least should be, a service organisation, not a fund raising or even project development organisation. There is no shortage of worthy projects, many of which REconomy & Transition are initiating, but there are many others with projects. Why even think about starting our own. I love the metaphor of Rotary as software.
Tim is focused upon building our numbers & he is so right. Rotary should be seen I suggest as a response coordinator & mobiliser. As such the  eClub, needs hundreds . . . . & hundreds of members, maybe even thousands. Membership should be about keeping in touch. One member may do just one good thing in one year, but that would still make them a valuable & valued member in my opinion.
I see Rotary as the service equivalent of the TA. We go about our daily lives, but Rotary knows that we are there when needed. This is why I switched from a terrestrial club to the eClub. The former seemed to be more about what I could do for Rotary. The eClub is much more I am hoping about facilitating what I can do for others.

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  1. Janice Mason says:

    I love the comparison to how the TA works, this sums it up beautifully. I also think your statement that ‘Membership should be about keeping in touch’ is also really important.

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