Programme for week commencing 9th October, 2014

One of the key factors of being a Rotarian is our ability to use our vocation through Service in our community, the skills we have, the experience we have gained and what we are still learning through our encounters with others. This week’s programme explores how Rotary prioritises this Service area, first we start with the history of how this has been developed in Rotary.


So after watching the first talk we have some idea why Vocational Service is key to all of us as Rotarians, it is the one thing that makes us different from other Service Organisations.

So please now consider ways in which you use your vocation as a Rotarian? Perhaps you could tell others through the comment box below.

Now we just remind ourselves of the 3 Key Principles of Vocational Service in Rotary:


How are you ensuring you follow those key principles in your life?

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3 thoughts on “Why Vocational Service?

  1. Cyril Mannion says:

    This valuable message is lost in this unwieldy video clip. If you have a link to him, please suggest he sends it to another Rotarian who has a video editing business or expertise. The video needs to be compacted into a clip lasting less than two minutes.

    • Tim Mason says:

      Sorry it was something I found on Youtube, which actually I thought gave a good briefing of why Vocational Service is such an important part of Rotary. We still have many new people in the eClub, who need this information, plus sometimes because of my own work I need to use other material.

  2. Mary Nettle says:

    Well it is a really good idea but this does appear that Rotary is a cult with Paul Harris as the leader. Why has Rotary not evolved? is a book still kept by clubs of members business interests and who has helped who, where is our book if this is still the case?!!!

    I hope these programmes and comments can also be put on the Forum so that we have a record in the same place. I am trying to use the forum and have not been able to find my profile by John Isles to see who made comments which is important to me.

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